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Welcome to Metalquery.com, a website that helps beginner and expert detectorists to get started and advance their skill in metal detecting. We are an all-round site created by an enthusiast team of professional hobbyists with the air of making you a better hunter.

Which is the best metal detector for beginner detectorists? Which is the ideal metal detector for professional metal hunters?

Which is the most affordable metal detector? How can I choose the best metal detector for underwater, beach, or dry-land detecting?

These are some of the questions that potential and professional metal hunters ask. We made it our business to ensure that we provide you with the answers to these and more questions.

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Metalquery.com contains the best collection of metal detector reviews that guarantee you success when looking for treasures. We have all the top-ranked machines for finding relics, jewelry, rings, coins, gold, and other treasures.  

Our team also provides you with different types of metal detectors to allow you to hunt for treasures underwater, in dry-land, at the beach, and other locations. We not only give you a review of the top five, seven, or ten products on the market, but we also provide you with the highest-ranking model.

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  • All-purpose metal detectors
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  • Metal detectors for beginners
  • Metal detectors for professionals
  • Budget metal detectors
  • Headphones for metal detecting
  • Pinpointers for metal detectors
  • Metal detectors hunting accessories   

Metal Detectors Buyer’s Guide

Our experienced experts in metal detecting also help you choose the best metal detector for your need. We provide you with all the things that you should when selecting your device to enjoy a successful outing.

Metalquery.com also has a section that answers some of the frequently asked questions about metal detectors. We are committed to ensuring that you pick the right metal detector for gold, relics, coins, jewelry, and rings.