Top 7 Best Metal Detector Headphones 2023 – [For Better Signal]

Are you searching for the best metal detector headphones? Do you wish you had the top headphones for metal detectors?

The headphones in this review can help you to improve your detecting skill. They can allow you to detect even small treasures that might be hiding deep in the ground.

We have looked the top models that you can find them at an affordable rate. But what do these headphones for metal detectors have to offer?

You can find out about these accessories here, but first, take a look at our top pick.

Best Metal Detector Headphones
Our Pick
Original Gray Ghost Detetorpro
Best Value
Bounty Hunter HEAD-PL
Top Selling
Garrett Clear Sound Easy Stow
Detectorpro Gray Ghost Ultimate Metal Detector...
Bounty Hunter Metal Detector Binaural Headphone...
Garrett ClearSound Easy Stow Headphones with...
Original Gray Ghost
Bounty Hunter
5.6 ounces
13.1 ounces
9.6 ounces
Our Pick
Original Gray Ghost Detetorpro
Detectorpro Gray Ghost Ultimate Metal Detector...
Original Gray Ghost
5.6 ounces
Best Value
Bounty Hunter HEAD-PL
Bounty Hunter Metal Detector Binaural Headphone...
Bounty Hunter
13.1 ounces
Top Selling
Garrett Clear Sound Easy Stow
Garrett ClearSound Easy Stow Headphones with...
9.6 ounces

The Quick/Top Pick: Original Gray Ghost Detectorpro

Detectorpro Ultimate Metal Detector Headphones are the first generation gears that provide clear sound whenever you use them. All treasure hunters who use these headphones confirm they are the leader in this industry.

The headphones are designed to provide you with better sensitivity to small targets and more power. Find the full review of the Original Gray Ghost Ultimate Headphones below.

Best Metal Detector Headphones

The seven metal detector headphones in this review offer customer satisfaction, quality, and are affordable. Some of these accessories come with long term warranty that shows they can last for years.

1. Original Gray Ghost Detetorpro

You need to try out the Original Gray Ghost Ultimate Headphones to believe what they can offer and what many users say about them. The headphones are still popular and are mainly demanded by jewelry and relic hunters.

They were designed and built by detectorists who saw the need to provide the best headphones for metal detecting to all hobbyists and professionals. One great thing about these accessories is they give you an alternative to the less effective products on the market today.

Another thing is they are custom-made for metal detector lovers; they were meant to be used with most metal detectors on the market today. They allow you to hear the ‘ghost signals’ which are missed by other headphones.

The other excellent feature is the rugged design that makes them sturdy and withstands heavy outdoor use. You can have confidence the headphones can give you service for decades, even when they are shared among family members.

These gears do not break when you twig them, unlike other devices that can quickly get damaged. They also help to keep out the environment noise to ensure that you only hear the target’s signal.

You can also count on comfort when you choose these headphones as they were designed to remain on your head. That can only mean you get a chance to concentrate on treasure hunting and less on taking care of your headphones.

The headphones also feature a distinctive sound limiting feature that prevents headaches that can occur due to loud noise. They are warranted of any defect in quality and materials to guarantee you of safe products.

Ensure that you mail the warranty card within 14 days to enjoy free services from this company, such as replacement and repair.

Key Specifications

  • Product Measurements: 6.3 x 5.9 x 4.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 5.6 ounces
  • Ease of Use: Yes
  • Department: Lawn, Garden, & Patio
  • Connectivity: Wired


  • Allow you to hear ghost signals
  • Comfortable on the head
  • Made of durable materials
  • Come with a warranty


  • Limited in features
  • Come in dull grey color

2. Bounty Hunter HEAD-PL

You can use the Bounty Hunter Headphones with all models and brands of metal detectors, thanks to their versatility. They ensure that you cancel out all other noises from the environment when looking for treasures in your yard.

HEAD-PL is comfortable and is designed to provide the perfect size, neither too small nor bulky. They are the ideal headphones for metal detector that you should consider getting whether you are a beginner or professional.

One unique feature is the full stereo sound they provide, which is free of scratchy sounds. That helps to eliminate the irritation that often occurs with other accessories and lets you hear the signal even when the volume is low.

What you should note is they filter the sound to produce smooth, clear sounds. They are also ideal for Bounty Hunter metal detectors as well as other devices on the market today – that can provide you with versatility.

That compatibility can save you a lot of money in the future when you decide to get another type of metal detector. However, they only connect to a ¼-inch stereo plug.

Another thing to note is the accessories have two volume controls, one for the right and the other for the left side. You can reduce the left or right side volume and leave the other side loud.

That is an excellent feature that can allow you to find metal with other people. You cannot experience distraction when finding metal with friends.

There is an 8-inch cord that adds comfort and helps to prevent constant stretching that can damage the wire. The headphones are suitable for tall users because they can use them without raising the metal detector or bending.

The comfort is further enhanced by pads that prevent strain caused by hard plastic.

Key Specifications

  • Product Measurements: 7 x 4 x 8 inches
  • Item Weight: 13.1 ounces
  • Ease of Use: Yes
  • Department: Lawn, Garden, & Patio
  • Connectivity: Wired


  • Made of durable leather
  • Can withstand heat
  • Easy to adjust the size
  • Extend battery life


  • A limited warranty
  • For ¼-inch connection

3. Garrett Clear Sound Easy Stow

Garrett ClearSound Easy Stow Headphones can be a great addition to your metal detecting arsenal. They are rated as one of the best headphones for metal due to the realistic and precise sound they produce.

One notable feature of these gears is the rotating ear cups that can allow you to listen with one or both ears. You get to choose the right settings to suit the environment and your preference.

The volume control is situated on the cord to give you easy access when varying it. You can continue hunting for precious metals and increase or reduce the volume without taking a break.

Another superb feature is the ability to fold up when storing them. That gives you convenience and ensure you keep your headphones in a safe place.

The pair was designed to provide deeper reach by allowing you to hear faint signals of deeply rooted coins. They can be the difference between finding that precious metal and missing it in trashy grounds.

Another thing is the headphones helps to eliminate the sounds from the beaches, trees, and other people. There is no possibility of missing the target’s signal when you use these headphones.

They are water-resistance and can allow you to do hunting under light showers. You should avoid submerging them in water because they can get damaged.

The headphones are lightweight enough to allow you to use them for hours without getting uncomfortable. Besides, they are designed to fit the head perfectly to give you a stress-free application.

You can also count on the price as they are one of the most affordable products on the market today. They provide value for money and ensure that you save money for buying other accessories.

Key Specifications

  • Product Measurements: 9 x 8.6 x 2 inches
  • Item Weight: 9.1 ounces
  • Ease of Use: Yes
  • Department: Lawn, Garden, Shallow water, & Patio
  • Connectivity: Wired


  • Pretty comfortable
  • Lightweight design
  • A high-quality product
  • Easy to use


  • Padding not quite soft
  • Volume control develop issues

4. Garrett Submersible Headphones

Are you looking for metal detecting headphones that you can user underwater? You should consider buying the Garrett Submersible Headphones since they can allow you to dive up to 200 feet underwater to find precious metals.

They were designed to be used with AT Max International, ATX, AT Gold, AT Pro International, Sea Hunter Mark II, and AT Max metal detector.  That can provide you with the versatility you need to use when on land or water.

One unique feature of these gears is the padded ear cups that ensure you feel comfortable when using the metal detector. You can use the headphones the whole day and still hear all the sounds without any problem.

The two-pin connector of the accessories comes in handy to allow versatility when using your headphones. You can easily connect to multiple metal detectors of varying jack pins and fit perfectly.

They also come in an attractive blue color that makes them stand out from other headphones. The blue color ensures that you spot them with ease when you remove them while on the ground hunting for metals.

Another feature is the long wire that ensures they serve both the short and tall users. That wire is strong enough to allow heavy use without breaking or getting tangled.

The headphones are mainly designed for use with professionals who find precious metals underwater. And they provide precise sound that ensures you hear even the fain signals which other accessories can miss.

You should not fret about the price when buying the headphones because they are affordable. You can afford them without breaking a bank.

They were designed to last for years and provide you with service that gives you value. You can rest assured you have one of the most durable products in the market today.

Key Specifications

  • Product Measurements: 12.2 x 9.4 x 4.8 inches
  • Item Weight: 8 ounces
  • Ease of Use: Yes
  • Department: Land and underwater up to 200 feet
  • Connectivity: Wired


  • Waterproof design
  • Come in an attractive blue color
  • Able to amplify faint signals
  • Offers two-pin connection


  • For specific metal detectors
  • Not able to control right or left headphone

5. White’s MXSport Headphone

White’s MXSport Waterproof Headphones are designed for people who love to hunt underwater in sea and lakes. They feature a piezo-audio waterproof speaker that can ensure you look for the precious metal in water for hours without worrying about anything.

The headphones are uniquely designed to make sure that they rest comfortably on your head to give you comfort. You wear the headphones and stay detecting, providing the freedom to listen to signals, and controlling your metal detector.

Another feature is the hybrid design that comes with noise-canceling ear cups. They allow you to hear the signal while keeping the outside noise out of your ear, like the wind.

The headphones are made using quality materials that provide them with the durability you desire to get value for money. One great thing is they remain rust-free even when you use them underwater for hours.

These headphones can prolong your metal detector’s battery as they consume less energy. You can hunt for hours to find more metal compared to using other headphones that require lots of energy.

Their lightweight design also means that you can wear them for long without getting tired. That makes the headphones to be ideal for all users.

The headphones come in a dark color that makes them resist dirt and other elements. One great thing you should note is you can even wash them in the water when they get dirty – which is quite convenient.

You can use them for all terrains, even when there is a massive storm outside. They are the perfect gears for people who do metal hunting as a career because they can ensure you do your job around the clock.

You should consider getting these headphones if you want accessories that are efficient and effective.

Key Specifications

  • Product Measurements: 2 x 13.5 x 3.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 12 ounces
  • Ease of Use: Yes
  • Department: For all terrains and underwater
  • Connectivity: Wired


  • Waterproof design
  • Made for all terrains
  • Come when ready for use
  • Saves your detector’s power


  • Only work with the MXSport metal detector by White’s
  • Quite expensive

6. White’s ProStar Headphones

White’s ProStar Metal Detector Headphones are made in the USA by a team of professionals that ensure they meet all the industry standards. They are made for the brand’s metal detectors and might not work for other models.

One thing you might notice when you choose these gears is you get a lifetime warranty. It takes care of parts and labor, and you can always seek free help from the manufacturer when they develop a fault.

The metal detector headphones are rugged to ensure that they withstand constant use for professional metal hunters. They can take continuous use, making them the perfect headphones for people who share metal detectors.

Another great feature is the water-resistant chassis that allows you to use them when there are slight showers. They might not be submersible, but you can look for metals at the beach without worrying about the headphones.

The accessories come with 50 Ohms Mylar speakers that provide clear sound to ensure that you hear even the faint signals. These speakers boast titanium coating that prevents corrosion and rust that can develop if they are exposed to the water.

You can easily control the left and right speaker volume independently. That means you can go hunting with your friend and continue speaking with one ear keen on the signal while the other listens to your pal.

The product comes with a six feet cord that is long enough to allow even the tallest people to use them with ease. That cord is soft and coiled to ensure that it bends with ease while remaining in top condition.

These headphones also get rid of external noise that can prevent clarity. You can hear the signal even when in crowded places such as your local park.

Key Specifications

  • Product Measurements: 7 x 6.9 x 4.8 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.2 ounces
  • Ease of Use: Yes
  • Department: For dry land
  • Connectivity: Wired


  • Offer a water resistance design
  • Able to control the volume of the left and right side independently
  • Affordable gears
  • Long cord


  • Not submersible
  • Can drain your detector’s battery

7. DetectorPro Gray Ghost BT 

Have you ever gone metal hunting only to find your phone with dozen missed calls?  Do you wish you could see the best wireless headphones for metal detecting that you can connect to your phone?

DetectorPro Gray Ghost BT Bluetooth Metal Detector Headphones might be what you need. They easily connect to your phone to ensure that you take a call whenever someone wants to talk with you.

The headphones come with rotary volume control that makes them easy to use and offer segmented stay put click positioning. You can easily set your desired volume, and the headphones can recall your setting.

Another notable feature is the selector switch that allows you to use the accessories with multiple metal detectors without using an adapter. That ensures you get wireless metal detecting headphones you can use with most metal detectors that use Bluetooth devices.

You also get a compact carry bag that you can store your headphones in and even use it to carry them. Their speakers are made to provide maximum sensitivity to allow efficiency and clear signals.

You can also count on these speakers to last for years without getting damaged thanks to their unique design. Another feature is the sound-blocking muff construction that keeps out the external noise of 29 decibels.

The product comes with a limited lifetime warranty that can give you peace when you use the headphone. You can always seek help when your headphones develop a problem, and this warranty cover services and defects.

Another notable thing is the adjustable padded headband that provides comfort when using the headphones. No wireframe or screw that can make you feel uncomfortable.

They also come with ear cushions that can protect you from touching the plastic part of the headphones.

Key Specifications

  • Product Measurements: 7 x 5 x 4 inches
  • Item Weight: 14.4 ounces
  • Ease of Use: Yes
  • Department: For land use
  • Connectivity: Wireless


  • Easily connects with a phone
  • Able to prevent outside noise
  • Easy to connect
  • Wide application


  • A bit expensive
  • A bit heavy

Metal Detector Headphones

Buying Guide Best Metal Detector Headphones

There are a few factors you should consider when buying your metal detector headphones. Below we have outlined some of the critical ones:

Headphones Sound Quality

Headphones for metal detectors were designed to allow you to hear the signal better when hunting for metals. Therefore, it is crucial to consider the sound quality before you settle for a specific model.

It is critical to make sure that you choose a model that can keep out outside noises that can distract you. All the models we have reviewed above provide clear sound to guarantee you hear the signal when your metal detector detects a treasure.

Headphones Compatibility

You should always check to ensure that the headphones you buy can work with your metal detector. Our review contains models that are designed for specific metal detectors and others that you can use for most machines.

Here you should check for compatibility and the headphone jack to make sure that it matches your need. They type of sound can also play a part incompatibility.

User Comfort

The next thing you should watch out for is the comfort the headphones can provide. Metal detecting exercise can last for hours, and that makes it critical to choose an accessory that you can use for long.

You should choose lightweight headphones that can rest on your head for long without exerting lots of pressure. The design and the material used to make the headphones can also affect comfort.

Some models come with ear cushions that add to this comfort.

Reputable Brand

You should always ensure that you buy your metal detecting gears from a reputable brand. It is also vital to choose headphones from the same brand as your metal detector.

That way, you can easily match the headphones with your metal detector and have faith; it can function effectively. For instance, our review contains Bounty Hunter Headphones that are designed for use with Bounty Hunter’s metal detectors.

Headphones Features

You should check the headphones’ features to ensure that you get a product that gives you freedom during operation. Such features can include volume controls to prevent your ears from getting hurt by the loud sound.

Some products can allow you to control each speaker separately, letting you keep an ear on what is happening around you. Another feature you should consider is padding – it can keep your ear comfort and prevent hunting from extending use.

You might also want to consider getting wireless headphones for metal detector if you often get a missed call after going for a hunt. Other vital features include compact dimensions, stereo plus, and lightweight.

Your Budget

It is critical to set a budget when buying a new thing. You can find metal detector headphones going from a few to hundreds of dollars.

Always set your budget before you head out to buy your accessory. That way, you will not overspend and strain your budget.

Read To Making Wireless Metal Detecting Headphones

How We picked Best Metal Detector Headphones

Headphones have a lot to offer, and that why you should know how to pick the best models on the market. There are things we considered when selecting the top seven metal detector headphones above.

They include the following:

Headphones Sound: We tested hundreds of headphones for metal detectors to ensure that we only chose the ones with clear and sharp sounds. One thing we kept o-in mind is that these headphones usually match with different metal detectors.

Another thing most of these devices offer is the ability to change pitches. They guarantee clear faint signals and provides high and low tones.

Volume Adjustability: The above headphones are a good match for most metal detectors because they can allow you to fine-tune the signal or sound using the volume control. They provide you with multiple ranges to suit your need.

As noted, we also choose some accessories that can let you reduce the volume in one ear and leave the other loud. That means most of our products can allow you to communicate with your friend while detecting metals.

Types of Sounds: Remember that metal detectors produce either the stereo sound or the mono one. It is essential to match your headphones’ sound with the detector’s one to ensure you enjoy a clear sound in all ears.

The headphones above are specially wired to allow for both the mono and stereo sounds. Some of them can enable you to switch between the two sounds using the control switch.

We choose metal detector headphones that do not require adaptors when connecting to metal detectors.

Type of Connection: All our headphones offer the universal connection jack connection, which is ¼-inch. We have ensured that you can use them for most metal detectors without using an adapter to prevent sound distortion.

Here you need to note that you can get headphones offering 1/8-inch plug. Maybe you might have noted from the review that we have a two-connection headphone.

  • Ease of Use: We also ensure that you have products that you can use with ease, even if you are a novice user. The headphones in our review come with minimal features that allow you to get the basic ones.
  • Lightweight Models: They are also lightweight enough to allow you to use them for hours without getting tired.
  • Easy to Maintain: Another thing we kept in mind is how easily you can clean or maintain them.
  • Water-Resistance: Although most are not waterproof, you can easily clean your headphones with water and not worry they might get damage. That is because they all offer the water-resistance feature.
  • Brand Reputation: Our headphones come from only the most reputable brands in the industry today. You can bet they all have a warranty that covers parts, labor, service, and even replacement.
  • Affordability: All the metal detectors headphones in this review are affordable and suited for people with different budgets.

How to Install Metal Detecting Headphones

It is easy to install metal detector headphones. They often come with user instructions that can guide you when connecting them.

Pairing Wireless Headphones

Pairing wireless headphones for metal detectors is usually required when using them for the first time. Follow these steps when pairing a wireless headphone:

  • Turn on your headphones and place them at most 3-feet from the detector.
  • Press and hold the pairing button (multi-function) until you hear a tone or light changes.
  • Press the wireless icon until it starts to flash – often located on the side of the headphones.
  • You will notice the flashing on the detector’s LCD.
  • It notifies you when the installation is completed as the flashing will stop.

Connecting Wired headphones

It is even easier to connect wired headphones. Ensure you have the right headphones for the given metal detector’s socket.

  • Remove the plastic cap from your headphones socket.
  • Plug your headphones to the detector’s socket.
  • You will see the headphones icon on the detector’s LCD.

Connecting Waterproof Headphones

You can install them as follows:

  • Remove the plastic cap
  • Check that the connector and headphones socket is free from sand, dirt, dust, and dry.
  • Plug the waterproof headphones
  • Carefully insert the retaining ring to cover the connector thread
  • You should notice the headphones icon on the LCD
  • Tighten the ring


The following section looks at the frequently asked questions about metal detector headphones.

Do I Need Metal Detector Headphones?

You might need metal detector headphones to ensure that you enjoy accurate results from your metal detector. They can play a part in prolonging the battery life because the speaker in your metal detector is often turned off.

Headphones can also cancel environmental noise that can interfere with how you hear the signal.

Can I Use Any Headphones as Metal Detecting Accessories?

Most people wonder whether they can use smartphone earbuds and headphones with a metal detector, and the answer is yes. Some of these gears can easily fit into a metal detector jack and work correctly.

With that said, they might not be as effective as using metal detector headphones, which are customized for this purpose. There are also metal detectors that require specialized headphones.

Can My Metal Detector Headphone Set Off My Metal Detector?

Headphones come with metal parts that can set off a metal detector. However, these products are designed to guarantee usage without sending a false signal to your metal detector that can trigger an alert.

How Much Do Metal Detector Headphones Boost Battery Life?

Headphones require less power to function compared to the in-built metal detector speaker. These speakers often use 8 or 16 ohms impedance, while the detectors come with a resistor of about 100 to 200 ohms that reduces the sound output in headphones.

From the above, we can conclude that a pair of headphones can prolong the battery life by about three times. They can come in handy to ensure that you continue to search for precious metal for long.

Why Do Professional Metal Hunters Use Headphones?

They can quickly minimize outside noise caused by traffic, waves, wind, and other things. The headphones also improve the target audio signal, which can give you an idea of what to dig and what to ignore.

Generally, the best headphones for the metal detector can increase the number of treasures you find by ensuring that you do not waste time digging trash. We have also seen that headphones can prolong battery life.

Where Can I Buy Metal Detector Headphones?

There are dozens of places you can find quality headphones to use with your metal detector. They include online stores and other metal detector shops near you.

One great place to purchase metal detector headphones is from the brand’s website, although that limits your choice. Another site is the various online stores, where you can find products from multiple brands.

Are Metal Detector Headphones Durable?

Just like all other products, you can find durable metal detectors and some that can last for a few months. The vital thing is to choose a product from a reputable brand and one offering a long term warranty.

You should also read what other detectorists have said about the headphones before you purchase them. Follow all the rules you would follow when buying a product, and you can have durable metal detector headphones.

Final Verdict

Headphones are a significant part of a metal detector if you would like to enjoy metal hunting. They play critical roles, including saving the batter and canceling out external noises.

Headphones can also allow you to detect the precise location of a target and ensure you decide whether to dig or to ignore it. There are hundreds of headphones you can choose from on the market today, and all might serve your purpose.

Our article has looked at the best metal detector headphones to narrow your search. We hope you have found your best model.