Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector [2023] Pros And Cons

Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector is the premier detector for the Bounty Hunter brand. It came about after 9-year of software engineering, and it provides the best features in the industry.

Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector

Land Ranger Pro Features and Benefits

You can use this detector with factory settings or customize your search to meet your needs. But what other features do you find in the Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro?

1. Target ID

The detector comes with a 2-digit numerical system that you can also find in other Bounty Hunter and Fisher products. It is a critical feature that you can use when deciding whether to dig the metal or to ignore it.

The target ID has a scale of 1-99, with the lower numbers showing low conductivity metals. You should also note that this detector provides swift response and recovery time to allow for continuous detection.

2. Maximum Coin Depth Detection

Bounty Hunter Land Ranger can detect a coin resting up to 10 inches in the ground. With that said, you can find treasures lying way beyond the 10-inch point.

One thing to remember is this can be affected by discrimination settings, target depth, soil condition, and other factors.

3. Seven Detection Modes

There are three search modes for finding different kinds of treasures. These are jewelry, relics, and coins.

Then you get the All Metal Mode that allows you to receive signals from all metals, including iron. The other three settings are audio tones, which are Disc 2, Disc 3, and Disc 4.

They provide you with high, medium, and low tones, and the V.C.O tone for All Metal Mode. It is easy to use the sounds because they are preset to match the chosen target ID indicator.

The Voltage Controlled Oscillation (V.C.O) increases and decreases in pitch when you find different objects. That can enable you to figure out the depth, conductivity, and kind of metal you have detected.

4. Manual and Auto Ground Balance

It can be hard to find treasures in highly mineralized areas. The Bounty Hunter Land Ranger produces signals when you head out to high oxide grounds or places with salt, like a beach.

Luckily, the machine comes with a manual ground balancing and a computerized ground grab feature that can help to eliminate these signals. They two also help to reduce chatter and noise that can occur due to electricity grinds.  

Ground grab enables you to balance the detector’s settings with the preset ground phase. One thing you should note is the device measures the ground phase to ensure that its setting matches it.

You can now adjust the ground balance setting manual to look for treasure in places with minerals.

5. Improved V-Break

You might have come across Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector reviews that mention it offers a v-break. It is an audio response feature that can improve your hunting.

The system allows you to adjust the target ID for any number, and that number with other below it produces a low tone. That means, for example, if you adjust for number 69, any number from 69 to zero will have a low tone.

6. Other Features

The Bounty Hunter Land Range pro is a very-low-frequency metal detector that operates at a 7.69kHz frequency. It is a mid-range rate that can allow you to find most metals, including small jewelry, coins, and relics.

The gadget also provides you with ten sensitivity settings that enable you to adjust according to your needs. Another notable feature is the 11-inch DD search coil that makes it possible to find treasures over a large area.

Key Specifications

  • Computerized ground balancing
  • FeTone and adjustable iron audio
  • The menu system has variable notching
  • Comes with pinpoint mode and depth indicator
  • Variable tone breakpoint and v-break
  • A lightweight device of 3-pound


  • For intermediates and expert users
  • For finding relics, coins, jewelry, gold, and silver
  • Ideal for land and shallow water hunting
  • Has a superb target ID


  • Not recommended for saltwater use

Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro FAQs

Here we have all the answers that can help you understand the Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro better.

Q: Does the Land Ranger Pro Has a Backlit?

A: No. The machine is not suitable for hunting in low light or during the night.

Q: Does the Land Ranger Pro Package Include Headphones?

A: No. The package does not include headphones or any other accessory. However, the detector has a ¼-inch connection jack that you can use if you get the right headphones.   

Q: Can the Land Ranger Pro Accept Other Search Coils?

A: The Bounty Hunter Pro comes with an 11-inch DD search coil that provides a smooth search. It is a large size loop that allows for comprehensive ground coverage.

You can also use the Bounty Hunter 10-inch and 8-inch 7B13 search coils.  

Q: Is Land Range Pro a Lightweight Metal Detector?

A: It is a lightweight metal detector that you can carry for hours without getting tired. You can also collapse for easy transportation when moving from one hunting ground to the other.

The machine breaks down into three parts, which are search coil, shaft, and S-upper rod.

Q: How Much Does the Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro Cost?

A: The Land Ranger Pro is a mid-range metal detector that is suitable for intermediate and professional users. That means its less than $265 price is quite favorable for these users.

It is priced like an entry-level machine but with high-end detector features.

Q: Is Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector Waterproof?

A: No. The shaft and the search coil are waterproof and can allow you to find treasure in shallow water.

It would be best if you did not submerge this machine as you can damage the control box and other parts. It is also advisable to find treasure in freshwater.

In Conclusion

Bounty Hunter Land Ranger is a top-quality metal detector that you can afford. It provides all the features of a high-end machine and can allow you to find relics, jewelry, coins, and other treasures.