Features Of Fisher F22 Metal Detector 2023 (Weatherproof)

Fisher F22 Metal Detector is a result of decades of software upgrade and offers the best target accuracy and lightweight in its class. It provides you with the factory set turn-on-and-go settings and the manual settings that you can adjust to meet your needs.

The product is also 100% waterproof, meaning you can continue to look for treasure under light showers. Below is the complete Fisher F22 Metal Detector review.

Fisher 22 metal detector

Fisher F22 Features and Benefits

The Fisher F22 is an outstanding metal detector with lots of great features, as seen below:

1. Search Coil

Fisher designed a new coil for its F22 model, which is a 9-inch triangulated, oval concentric coil. It is smaller and narrower compared to the F2 loop to allow you to pick the treasure among trash and iron. 

The coil also makes it easy for the detectorist to move the detector around when hunting in rocky places. You can easily maneuver the machine in tight places and areas with lots of material.

The coil is waterproof to allow you to find treasure under shallow water – you can submerge it. One thing to note is that the metal detector is only weatherproof and should not be submerged underwater.

2. Operations Modes

The Fisher F22 Waterproof Metal Detector provides you with up to four search modes. It allows you to set your desired discrimination to meet your hunting ground and needs.

Here you can choose among:

  • Jewelry: The setting helps to ignore all iron signals in the ground. It only leaves you with treasure signals.
  • Coin: It is a more advanced feature that gets rid of all iron signals, pulls tabs, and other unwanted metals. You eliminate all trash from your search.
  • Relic (Artifact): The relic mode does not discriminate against the iron signals. There is a possibility of digging up even when the detector detects a false signal.   
  • Custom: It is a unique feature that allows you to customize your search need using the notch button. You can ignore some treasures.

3. LCD Target ID Display

Fisher F22 detector comes with a large LCD screen that you can use to view different indicators. Here you find the flowing:

  • Iron indicator: The feature helps you to ignore the iron signals. It is the perfect feature for someone who wants to look for jewelry and coins.
  • Current search mode: It is a feature that enables you to move between modes to provide a quick change in discrimination. The feature makes it possible to continue hunting for long without taking a lot of time setting the metal detector.
  • Target depth indicator: The indicator enables you to figure out how deep the target is located. You can now when to dig and when to leave a treasure in the ground.
  • Battery level indicator: Another thing you find on the screen is the battery indicator. You can quickly know when the cell is about to get drained.
  • Menu category icons: The buttons help you to adjust the notch, sensitivity, and volume of the F22 metal detector. They give you the freedom to set the desired levels.   
  • Target category ID numbers: The number allows you to figure out the type of treasure you have found. There are numbers for gold, silver, iron, and other metals.
  • Two-digit number target ID: It is a better indicator of the metal you have found and comes with a scale of 1-99. The two-digit system uses the treasure’s position in the ground and size, as well as its conductivity.

Common Number Target ID

Every metal detectorist should know the following standard number target ID of the Fisher F22.

  • Iron objects range from 1-19
  • Zinc coins range from 50-59
  • Copper coins range from 60-69
  • Silver coins range from 70-79

4. Four Tones

The F22 has four tones, which are high, medium, low, and base. You can use these tones with the target ID number to get a better idea of what you have found.

5. Iron Audio

It is a feature that is hard to find in entry-level metal detectors, but the Fisher F22 offers it. The iron audio is also called the FeTone, and it lets you amplify the iron signals.

It is a feature that can allow you to leave all unwanted trash by avoiding unnecessary digging. The function can help those individuals who wish to look for jewelry and coins.

Key Specifications

  • Measurements of 22 x 8 x 5 inches
  • Uses two AA batteries to operate
  • Can run for up to 30 hours
  • 9-segment numerical and visual target ID
  • Iron identifier icon
  • 4-mode of operation, which are custom, coin, artifact, and jewelry
  • Large two-digit number target ID with a scale of 1-99
  • Non-volatile memory saves settings 
  • Weatherproof metal detector
  • Waterproof 9-inch coil
  • The operating frequency of 7.69 kHz
  • Ultra-light model of 3-pound
  • Has a five-year warranty
  • FeTone for setting the ferrous and non-ferrous metal volume


  • Waterproof design allows for use under rain
  • Offers fast recovery speed
  • Easy to use and lightweight
  • A durable model with a 5-year warranty


  • No ground balance that makes it hard to detect in mineralized areas

Fisher F22 Detector FAQs

Here are more things that can make you understand the F22 better.

Q: What Do I Get When I Buy the Fisher F22 Metal Detector?

A: The package contains all the individual parts of the metal detectors like arm cuff, coil, control box, mounting hardware, and rods. You can assemble these pieces with ease, taking less than five minutes.

Q: Do I Get a Carrying Bag When I Buy the F22 Detector by Fisher?

A: No. The metal detector does not come with a pouch or carry bag. However, you can buy a kit from Fisher as it makes some quality accessories for metal detectors.

Q: How Deep Can the Fisher F22 Detect a Treasure?

A: The machine can detect a coin lying up to 8-inch in the ground when the soil conditions are right. However, the depth is affected by other factors like the kind of metal, target size, and ground conditions.

Final Words

The Fisher F22 Metal Detector is a waterproof machine that can allow you to find different treasures. It is durable, affordable, and useful that offers all the features in our Fisher 22 review above.