Fisher Labs F44 Metal Detector (2023) Pros And Cons

Fisher Labs F44 is an upgrade of the Fisher F4 Metal Detector and contains more features than most entry-level models. It is a lightweight device that you can use for hours without getting tired.

But which other features can you enjoy when you choose this metal detector? Find out from the Fisher F44 review below.

Fisher F44 metal detector

Fisher F44 Features and Benefits

The metal detector comes with dozens of features that include the following:

1. Five Detection Modes

The Fisher F44 is a machine that provides up to five detection modes. You can choose among, depending on what you are locating, and they include:

  • Jewelry mode: It ignores all iron signals to leave you with the ideal treasure.
  • Coins: It more advanced than the jewelry setting as it helps to eliminate the iron, pull tabs, and other junks signals.
  • Artifact: It leaves the iron signals to ensure that you find all historical relics.
  • Custom: It is a setting that allows you to choose your ideal search parameters. That is possible because the detector comes with a notch feature.
  • All metal: It enables you to find all types of metals.

2. Manual and Auto Ground Balance

Fisher F44 might be an entry-level metal detector, but it provides both the manual and auto ground balance features. While the previous model hand factory-set ground balance, the F44 comes with Ground Grab Computerized Ground Balancing.   

That means it measures the ground signal phases to set the perfect ground balance. Its screen shows a 2-digit number, which is the ground value, and then the ground grab automatically programs the ground balance to match that number.

That match cancels out the minerals in the ground to leave the right signals. One thing to note is the ground grab is only possible for the ground value of 40 or below and is applicable for All metal mode. 

You can use the manual ground balance when using the other search modes, like a coin, relics, jewelry, and custom.

3. Iron Audio

Fisher F44 iron audio is called FeTone. It lets you vary the volume of ferrous metals, including iron, without adjusting the volume of non-ferrous treasures.

The volume setting operates as follows:

  • Volume 0: You can silence all the signals when you set it at zero.
  • Volume 1-9: You get the same volume for both the ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
  • Volume 10: You silence the iron volume while the non-ferrous materials get at maximum volume.
  • Volume 11-20: The non-ferrous metals’ volume remains at maximum while the ferrous targets’ volume steadily increases.

4. Audio Tones

Fisher F44 Detector provides you with four audio tones to meet your needs. These are the high, medium, low, and bass tones.  

5. Backlit Display

A backlit can be a useful feature when detecting during the night or in place with low light. You can choose from 0-5 brightness level, with the highest level consuming the most energy.

The backlit is not visible during the day, and you can quickly turn it off to maximize battery life.

6. Ultra-Lightweight Detector

It is a metal detector that weighs 3.59 pounds, which is lightweight enough to allow continuous usage for hours. The machine also boasts an S-shape upper shaft that adds convenience when detecting for long hours.

That S-shape gives you an underarm counterbalancing weight that reduces strain and improves comfort.

7. Weatherproof Detector

Fisher F44 Weatherproof Metal Detector can be used under wet conditions, but it is not fully submersible. It comes with a weatherproof unit that allows for shallow water detecting.

Its shaft and 11-inch search coil are waterproof to ensure that you find treasure in shallow water. The headphone jack is not waterproof.

Key Specification

  • 11-inch DD Elliptical Open Search Coil
  • 11-inch Triangulated Concentric Elliptical Search Coil
  • 7-inch Concentric Elliptical Search Coil
  • Five search modes, including all metal
  • Backlight with five brightness levels
  • Uses 2x AA batteries to operate
  • FeTone adjustable iron audio
  • 0-99 numeric target ID and 9-segment target categories 
  • Up to five years of the limited warranty


  • A lightweight metal detector
  • Search coil and shaft are waterproof
  • Offers manual and auto ground balance
  • Option to use different types of search coils


  • Not for use around salt water or wet sand

Fisher Labs F44 Metal Detector FAQs

Most Fisher F44 metal detector reviews lack the vital section of the popular questions about this machine. Here we have listed some of these queries:

Q: Who Should Use the Fisher F44 Metal Detector?

A: The F44 is well-priced to allow beginner detectorists to afford it without breaking a bank. It also comes with a simple user interface that new users can understand with ease.

With that said, it comes with some advanced features that can suit intermediate users.

Q: How Does the Fisher Labs F44 Metal Detector Perform?

A: The machine has a simple interface that enables you to head out and start detecting without a hassle. It is a very-low-frequency detector with a 7.69kHz operating frequency.

The device is also weatherproof to allow you to hunt when it is raining and in shallow water. However, the machine does not do well under salt conditions or wet sand.

Q: Can I Use F44 Weatherproof Detector to Hunt Gold Nuggets?

A: It is a detector that can find gold as its target ID allows for jewelry, flakes, and nuggets signals. However, the device might struggle with small gold nuggets but does a great job of finding large chunks and rings.

Q: Which Accessories Do I Get When I Buy the F44 Metal Detector?

A: Sadly, you only get an 11-inch search coil and owner manual when you purchase this machine. The brand sells search coil covers, detector covers, and headphones separately. 

Q: What is the Fisher F44 Metal Detector Maximum Detection Depth?

A: Its maximum detection depth is determined by soil condition, target size, and other factors. You can find coins up to 10-inch deep if the conditions are right.

In Conclusion

Fisher F44 Metal Detector is an affordable, entry-level machine that is suitable for both beginners and intermediary users. You can use it to look for coins, relics, and jewelry.