Fisher Labs F75 Metal Detector 2023 ( Pros And Cons)

Fisher F75 Metal Detector is an excellent machine from the Fisher Labs brand and includes better technology. You can use this detector to find all kinds of treasures in various places without much hassle.

Today, we will look at the Fisher F75 Metal Detector review to ensure that you get an idea of what this device has on offer.

Fisher F75 Metal Detector

Fisher F75 Features and Benefits

Our article intends to help you decide on whether this is the right metal detector for your needs. We have all its features below:

1. Ease of use, Appearance, and Design

Fisher Labs describes the F75 device as the lightest metal detector with the perfect ergonomics in the stores. That might not be true because there are lighter gadgets, but it is among the well-balanced and comfortable to hold detectors.

The machine also comes with both the width and armrest position settings that make it easy to use. Its grip is wrapped with a foam that adds comfort, and the controls are a breeze.

Assembling the detector is also easy – you do not need to have any skill or get a tool to accomplish the setup process. The device is powered by 4x AA batteries that can provide energy for up to 40 hours. 

Although the package does not include a pair of headphones, you can always buy them and plug in the ¼-inch jack on the detector.

2. 13kHz Operating Frequency

The Fisher F75 is a very-low-frequency metal detector that operates at a 13kHz frequency. It is a higher rate when you compare with the F5’s 7.8kHz and is suited for detecting small objects.

That means the F75 can detect treasures lower frequency machines can miss without losing depth. It is the ideal gadget for finding coins, jewelry, and relics.

The 13kHz frequency is not recommended for gold prospecting, but it can detect gold jewelry and necklaces. One thing to remember is the metal detector comes with a frequency shifting function that can minimize chatter from electrical devices.

3. Auto and Manual Ground Balance

The F75 can leave out most signals from dissolved salts and iron thanks to the manual and auto ground balance. That makes it the right detector for hunting in harsh conditions and tropical grounds.

It provides you with greater depth and less chatter when you set the ground balance correctly.

4. Search Modes

The Fisher F75 reviews can tell you that this is a metal detector that offers three search modes. These are:

  • Motion All-Metal: It is a susceptible mode that allows you to reach deeper depth. It would help if you were in motion for this feature to activate.
  • Static All Metal: It is the ideal mode for finding deeper targets that are larger than a coin. You can find treasure lying 12-inch in the ground.    
  • Discrimination: You can use this setting to detect valuable objects among trash like foil, pull-tabs, and nails. It is also a motion mode but not quite sensitive.

The metal detector allows you to adjust the ground balance, audio pitch, and sensitivity when in All Metal Modes. You can also vary the signal strength threshold when using the Motion All Metal. 

The Discrimination Mode allows you to change the discrimination level, notch, process number, number of tones, and sensitivity. It is worth to note that you can only change the Manual Ground Balance when in All Metal Modes, but the setting you choose to get useful in Discrimination Mode. 

5. Numerical Target ID

The F75 is a mid-range metal detector that you can expect to have a Numerical target ID. Its ID runs from 0-99, giving you the ability to determine the treasure in the ground using conductivity. 

The feature combines with discrimination and FeTone settings to give you a more accurate guess before you dig or ignore it. Another thing to note is the F75 comes with a target confidence indicator featuring six segments.

You also find target ID categories on the upper part of the display. They give you a quick guess and are useful when using notch discrimination.

Key Specifications

  • A lightweight metal detector that weighs 4.7 pounds
  • Numeric target ID with a scale of 0-99
  • Large LCD screen with a bright display
  • Double-D waterproof search coil – 11-inch elliptical 
  • Uses 4x AA batteries that can run for over 40 hours
  • Has a backlight that allows for hunting during the night
  • Perfect for finding relic, coins, and jewelry


  • Able to detect in shallow water
  • Offers manual and auto ground balance
  • Able to pinpoint the treasure
  • Provides better depth reach


  • Slightly heavy

Fisher F75 Metal Detector FAQs

There are other things that you should know about the Fisher F75 Metal Detector for sale. They include:

Q: What is the Fisher F75 Metal Detector Special Edition?

A: You might hear the F75 Special Edition and wonder if it is the same model as the standard F75. It is the same machine, the only difference being the ability to detect larger objects better when over 12-inch in the ground.

The special edition comes with an additional search coil.

Q: What Accessories Do I Get When I Buy the F75 Metal Detector?

A: The package does not include any accessory. That means you need to get a pair of headphones or use the internal speaker.

However, Fisher Labs provides some exciting packages that can include pouches, pinpointers, extra coils, and headphones.

Q: Is Fisher Labs F75 Metal Detector Waterproof?

A: The machine is weatherproof and can allow you to detect in shallow water. Note that it is only the search coil and the shaft that are waterproof, meaning it should not be submerged underwater.

In Conclusion

Fisher F75 is a great metal detector that you can use to find coins, jewelry, relics, and even gold. It is recommended for professional detectorists who want to enjoy hours of detecting.