Fisher Gold Bug Pro Metal Detector [In-Depth] 2023 & FAQ

Fisher Gold Bug Pro Metal Detector is a unique machine that allows detectorists to find small gold nuggets. That is not all since it is a versatile detector that you can use to find coins, jewelry, relics, and other treasures.

Fisher Gold Bug Pro Metal Detector

Fisher Gold Bug Pro Features and Benefits

As noted, this is an all-purpose metal detector that you can use to find all kinds of treasure. It is possible due to the following features:

1. Target ID Information

The first feature you notice when you pick this metal detector is the digital display that contains the target ID indicators. It is well-placed to allow you to make informed decisions when looking for treasure to avoid unnecessary digging.

You get an odometer-like scale that gives you the approximation of the treasure you find on the ground. Iron materials are shown on the left side while coins appear on the right.

Gold nuggets are highlighted in the middle of the scale, and you can learn more about the treasure by using discrimination. The Discrimination Mode allows the target ID to provide a value at the center that you can use to determine the target in the ground. 

2. Motion All Metal Mode

Fisher Gold Bug has an All Metal setting that enables treasure hunts without discriminating them. It is the ideal model for finding gold and relic, and it lets you use Ground Grab to receive all the signals without affecting sensitivity.

It would help if you were in motion for the detector to receive the signals. However, you need to revert to Discrimination Mode if you want to pinpoint the precise location of the target.

Note that the metal detector also offers All Metal Mode that you can combine with the right sensitivity and ground grab to reduce noise. You can also use headphones to minimize the noise effect and train your ears to listen to various signals.

3. Ground Grab

Gold Bug Pro by Fisher has two kinds of ground balancing: Ground Phase and Ground Balancing. One thing to note is the detector only offers an auto operation that does not allow for manual application. 

Ground Phase measures the mineralization in the ground while the Ground Balance calibrated the Gold Bug Pro to match those minerals. The ground balance appears on the bottom right side of the screen as a 3-digit value.

Ground Phase appears in the middle of the screen with a 2-digit figure and is possible on All Metal Mode.

4. Battery Life/Operating

Fisher Gold Bug Pro for sale comes with a 1x9v battery that can provide power for about 15 hours. That is shorter when you compare with what 8x AA batteries can provide, but it saves you money in the long-run.

You can recharge the battery without hours and get to detecting precious metals.

5. High Operating Frequency

The metal detector uses a 19kHz operating frequency that enables you to detect gold nuggets. It is one of the highest frequencies you can find on the market today.

6. Voltage Control Oscillation

The VCO system controls the audio volume, depending on the distance of the target—both the volume and pitch increase when you get closer to the treasure.

That enables you to release when you are near the gold or other treasure.

Key Specifications

  • No-motion pinpoint that shows the depth
  • Discrimination mode for finding relics and coins
  • Computerized ground grab feature
  • Motion all-metal mode
  • Continuous ground condition readout
  • 19kHz operating frequency
  • 5-year limited warranty for parts and labor
  • Lightweight metal detector of 2.6 pounds
  • Requires 1x9V alkaline battery
  • Easy to adjust gain and threshold
  • Has a signal strength indicator
  • Uses 5-inch DD round closed waterproof search coil 


  • An all-purpose metal detector
  • Lightweight design
  • Battery is rechargeable
  • Last for a long time


  • The ground phase is more extensive than other readouts

Fisher Gold Bug Pro FAQs

You cannot get all the answers you need about this metal detector from all the Fisher Gold Bug Pro Metal Detector reviews online. That is why we have an FAQ section to help you get more answers to various questions.

Q: Does the Gold Bug Pro Metal Detector by Fisher has an Audio Volume Setting?

A: The machine does not offer a volume knob or button. You can only adjust the threshold or gain, but you cannot increase or decrease the volume. 

The best thing is to get headphones with volume control features if you wish to enjoy the audio volume setting.

Q: Which Accessories are Packaged with the Gold Bug Pro?

A: The machine does not come with a lot of accessories, besides the search coil. However, you can also get an apron, digging tool, a nylon accessory bag, and headphones if you purchase the whole set.

Q: Is Fisher Gold Bug Pro Waterproof?

A: Only the search coil and shaft are waterproof – that means you can find treasure in shallow water. The control box and other parts are weatherproof and can remain in good condition when you detect during extreme weather conditions.

Also, note that this metal detector is not ideal for hunting at the beach or places with saltwater.

Q: Can I Find Coins Using the Fisher Gold Bug Pro?

A: Yes. It is an ideal metal detector for finding coins. The machine comes adopted for finding all kinds of metal.  

Q: Who Should Choose the Fisher Gold Bug Pro Metal Detector?

A: The machine was designed for all intermediate detectorists as they can understand all its features better. Note that this is a very-low-frequency metal detector that provides preset ground balance and can be a challenge for beginners.

In Conclusion

Fisher Gold Bug Pro is a metal detector that you can use to find small gold nuggets on dry land. It is recommended for intermediate and professional users.