Why You Should Buy Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector

Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector was designed to provide high performance and be easy to use for all detectorists. It comes in a comfortable “assemble and go” package that makes it perfect for beginners and people who travels from place to place.  

Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector

Garrett Ace 150 Features and Benefits

Garrett Metal Detector Ace 150 might be a simple device, but it offers a lot of features that make it a quality product. Here are its significant features and benefits:

1. Rugged Construction

The detector boasts a rugged body that enables you to search for treasures in extreme weather conditions. That means it can allow you to find targets under the hot sun or rainy conditions and operate effectively.

Its rugged construction also makes it ideal for different users or all ages and sizes. The children can use it without causing much damage.

2. Coin Depth Indicator

One feature that makes the Garrett Ace 150 a top metal detector is the coin depth indicator. The feature allows you to decide whether to dig out the treasure or to leave it.

It is a feature that can save you time and effort when looking for precious metals.

3. Large LCD Screen

The large LCD screen of Garrett Ace 150 ensures that you control your metal detector with ease. That screen provides that you see all the readings, including the coin depth, without a hassle.

It also enables you to set the different parameters of Garrett’s Ace 150 to meet your detection needs.

4. Light Weight Detector

 It is a lightweight metal detector that weighs 4.11 pounds to allow you to use it for hours without feeling fatigued. You can also adjust its length from 42-inch to 51-inch, making it more versatile when mounting.

5. Various Search Modes

Garrett Ace 150 reviews can tell you that this metal detector provides various search options. You can use one of them to meet your need, and they are:

  • All metal: It is an option that allows you to find all types of metals without discriminating.
  • Jewelry: The machine offers the jewelry option that ignores iron.
  • Coins: The coin options eliminate iron, pull tabs, and other junks
  • Relics: The option lets you find old artifacts and does not discriminate most trash.
  • Custom: The custom mode ensures that you choose your preferred search options. You can opt to find some metals and leave out other targets.
  • Pinpointing: It is an automatic mode that enables you to pinpoint the target with ease.

6. Graphic and Audio Target Identification

The two combine to give you an accurate identification of the treasures while in the ground.

7. Uses Multiple Search Coils

The metal detector comes with the PROformance Rhino coil that measures 6.5-inch by 9-inch. It is a waterproof search loop that can allow you to find treasures in shallow water.

With that said, the Garrett Ace 150 is a versatile detector that also allows the use of 8-inch by 11-inch DD coil, 4-inch Sniper coil, and 9-inch by 12-inch PROformance coil. You can use the one that meets your hunting needs and the hunting grounds. 

8. Easy to Assemble

It is a 3-piece construction metal detector that you can assemble within minutes. You do not have to acquire any particular skill to join it the right way, and you get an instructional DVD.

9. Four AA Batteries

The machine uses 4x AA batteries to run for about 20 hours. It gives you enough time to hunt for treasures without running out of power.

One thing you should note is you get the batteries when you purchase the metal detector. The machine also has a low battery indicator that can notify you when it is time to change the cells.

10. Additional Accessories

Garretts Ace 150 is one of the few metal detectors that come with accessories. They include:

  • Headphones: They allow you to hear the signal without getting interference from the environment.
  • Treasure porch: It gives you a bag to place your treasures when you are out hunting.
  • Digging toolThe digging tool enables you to scoop the target out of the soil with ease.
  • Arm strap: It gives you the freedom to mount your metal detector around the arm.

Key Specifications

  • Large LCD screen that offers east-to-read target ID
  • Coin depth indicator for determining the target’s depth
  • Low battery indicator for notifying you when you need to change the cells
  • One-touch operation with pushbutton controls
  • Interchangeable search coils
  • Allows for ¼-inch headphones
  • Able to adjust the length and arm cuff


  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Uses up to 4x AA batteries
  • A durable metal detector
  • Easy to adjust the length


  • No manual ground balancing

Garrett Ace 150 FAQs

Let us go through some of the most asked Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector questions.

Q: Does the Garret Ace 150 Metal Detector has a Warranty?

A: The brand ensures that a 24 months warranty protects all its metal detectors. It is a warranty that covers labor and parts from the day you buy your metal detector.

Q: Where Can I Buy the Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector?

A: You can find the Garrett Ace 150 from your local metal detector stores and other authorized dealers. The detector is also sold online from various websites like Amazon and others.

Q: How Does the Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector Perform?

A: It is a high-performance machine with an operating frequency of 6.5kHz. You can use it to find different types of treasures like coins, jewelry, relics, and others.

In Conclusion

Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector provides all the quality features of a top-level machine but at an entry-level price. You can use this machine to find all types of treasures for most places.