Garrett AT MAX Metal Detector 2023 (Waterproof)

Garrett is a brand known for providing quality metal detectors such as the AT Gold and AT Pro. One of its top models is the Garrett AT Max Metal Detector, a waterproof device that you can use to find treasures at all terrains.

Garrett AT MAX Metal Detector

Garrett AT Max Features and Benefits

You can find a lot of places with Garrett AT Max for sale, but they might not provide you with all its features. They include the following:

1. Ease of Use, Appearance, and Design

The AT Max Waterproof Detector looks like the AT pro when it comes to the design. It is a very-low-frequency machine that weighs 3.17 pounds and is powered by 4x AA batteries.

The detector has a built-on pinpointer that allows you to locate the precise location of the target. As the name suggests, it is an All-Terrain detector you can use to hunt from various places.

It provides excellent depth for both the shallow water and dry land hunting. The machine can take a lot of beating when transferring it from one place to the other.

You can use this device to detect almost all types of metal, including coins, jewelry, and relics.

2. Multiple Search Coils

The package includes Garrett’s 8.5-inch x 11-inch PROformance DD search coil. It is a waterproof loop that provides better depth compared to most coils out there.

You can also choose to use a 9-inch x 12-inch coil or get a Sniper Coil. That gives you the freedom to use the loop you feel comfortable using when finding your treasures.

3. Waterproof to 10 Feet

You can submerge the metal detector up to 10 feet or 3-meter underwater. That makes it the ideal product for detecting around shorelines, in streams, and areas with shallow water, but not for diving.

4. 13.6kHz Operating Frequency

It is worth noting that the detector operates at a 13.6kHz frequency – it is not the right frequency for finding gold, although it might detect some large nuggets.

The frequency combines with circuity and components to give you a top-quality detector that can find jewelry, coins, and relics. It also allows for deeper penetration but lacks effective separation. 

5. Digital Target ID

Garrett AT Max comes with a large LCD that displays a sizeable numeric target ID. It ranges from 0-99 to ensure that you recognize the treasure you find on the ground without a hassle.

One great thing about this target ID is it offers more accurate results compared to what other detectors in its class provide.

6. Notch Discrimination and Iron Discrimination

The AT Max provides a high resolution when it comes to discrimination as it gives up to 44 iron discrimination segments. Although it does not make a huge difference when you compare with the 40-segment of AT Pro, it is still a bonus to get four new segments.

You can adjust the discrimination to ignore some ferrous targets and prevent unnecessary digging. For instance, if you set too high discrimination, you can expect to scoop up less trash like nails.

However, high settings can miss valuable items like relics. That is when notch discrimination comes in handy as it enables you to choose some targets and ignore others.

The metal detector also provides you with the option of Custom Mode and Coin Mode. These are settings that can eliminate iron and give you an easy time when hunting treasures.

One thing to note is there is an Elimination button that can help you to achieve your target or search patterns.

7. Pulse Width Modulation Audio

It provides additional information when searching for metals to ensure that you dig, knowing the treasure hidden in the ground.

8. Z-Lynk Wireless Technology

It is a technology that combines wireless headphones with wireless technology. The Z-Lynk ensures that you suffer less interference and enjoy a faster data transfer compared to Bluetooth.

9. Automatic and Manual Ground Balance

One top-quality of the Garrett AT Max Metal Detector for sale is you get both the manual and automatic ground balance. You only need to shift a button to get the auto ground balance working, while you can use the manual mode when in tougher grounds.

Key Specifications

  • Improved Z-Lynk pinpointer that works with MS-3 headphones
  • Package includes the MS-3 headphones
  • Able to provide better depth detection
  • Offers an LED-backlit for hunting in dark places
  • Operating frequency of 13.6kHz
  • Has a manual and an automatic ground balance feature
  • Contains up to 44 iron discrimination segments
  • Eight sensitivity adjustments


  • Fast recovery
  • Ideal for all terrains
  • Able to use during the nights
  • Uses wireless communication


  • An expensive metal detector

Garrett AT Max Metal Detector FAQs

There are other things that you should know about the Garrett AT Max Waterproof detector. They include:

Q: Who Should Buy the AT Max Metal Detector?

A: The machine was developed to allow professional metal detecting and is recommended for skilled users. They can easily understand its features and control it without any hassle.

Q: Can I Find Gold Nuggets Using Garrett AT Max Metal Detector?

A: The machine can easily detect large gold nuggets. That means it is not the right machine for finding small chunks.

It would be best if you got a detector with a higher frequency than its 13.6kHz.

Q: What Powers the Garrett AT Max Metal Detector?

A:  The device requires 4x AA batteries to provide service for about 20 hours. That is a long duration that can ensure you find coins, relics, and jewelry for long.

In Conclusion

You should consider choosing the Garrett AT Max if you want a metal detector that can give you years of service. It comes with enhanced features that make it a high-end detector. The device is lightweight to allow you to operate it for hours without getting fatigued.