Why You Should Buy Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

Garrett has been a best seller for many stores with Garrett AT Pro for sale signs thanks to its top-quality features. The machine has been around for years and can allow you to find the most treasures in the ground.

Garrett AT pro

Garrett AT Pro Features and Benefits

The AT Pro is a metal detector with lots of features and benefits which we have listed in this review.

1. Design and Appearance

The AT Pro is a very low-frequency metal detector that was developed to be an all-purpose device. It uses four AA batteries, but you can always replace them with a rechargeable one to save time and money.

Another thing is the padded armrest that makes it comfortable for you to use it the machine for hours. Note that the AT standards for All Terrains, meaning you can use it at the desert, local park, beach, and other places.

Its design also requires minimal maintenance

2. Waterproof Design

You can submerge the AT Pro up to 10-foot since its design is waterproof. All great Garrett AT Pro metal detector reviews can tell you that the product is ideal for hunting in the sea, lakes, rivers, creeks, and other places with shallow water.

The search coil is also waterproof to let you use it underwater. However, it would be best if you realized that the detector is not recommended for divers. It would help if you also got separate waterproof headphones that can withstand water.  

3. 15kHz Operating Frequency

Another notable feature is the 15kHz operating frequency that is higher than what most VLF products provide. There are lots of benefits of having a higher frequency, such as:

  • It allows the AT Pro to detect small targets with ease
  • The frequency enables for better target separation
  • You can also use this detector to find gold, although it is lower than 18kHz

Also note that you can adjust the frequency slightly, although it is not a multi-frequency metal detector.

4. Pro Mode Audio

The detector comes with two audio modes: Standard and Pro. You can use them with three search modes, and they provide different audio signals.

Standard Mode

The standard mode is recommended for beginners. As noted above, it uses three audio tones to match the different conductivity of the targets.

One tone you can experience is Garrett’s Bell-tone, which is the brand’s signature tone.

Pro Mode

The audio provides more information about the composition and depth of the item on the surface. You enjoy all the discrimination options of the Garrett metal detector, but this mode allows for fainter audio if the object is profoundly resting in the ground.

5. Digital Target ID

Garrett AT Pro comes with a full numerical target ID in the middle that you can view with ease. It has a scale of 0-99 and provides accurate information that can allow you to figure out the target’s composition.

That is a useful feature that ensures you dig with confidence knowing the type of metal in the ground. It is also one of the fastest ID you can find on a metal detector.

6. Iron Discrimination

 It is a unique metal detector that comes with up to 40-segment for discriminating iron. You can adjust this feature to eliminate all ferrous items or minimize them to find treasures covered in iron.

You should set between 30-35 to ensure that you ignore junk signals, like nails and others.

7. Notch Discrimination

The iron discrimination feature cannot help to ignore pull tabs or foil with higher conductivity. That is why the Garrett AT Pro included notch discrimination, with up to 12-segment.

It helps you to accept or ignore some materials by pressing the “ELIM” button. The feature uses the Custom mode but will ignore in Zero discrimination search mode.

There is also the Coin mode that comes preset. That means you do not need to ignore the pull-tabs iron and foil when using this mode.

8. Iron Audio

You can change the iron audio by tuning to excellent audio mode. That allows the discriminate iron items to produce an audio tone, which can enable you to determine if you want to dig up or ignore.  

9. Automatic and Manual Ground Balance

One important feature you find in the AT Pro is the presence of both the manual and auto ground balance. It enables you to set the perfect balance to meet the mineralization of the region you are searching for metals.

That makes the AT Pro to be an excellent metal detector for use in places with saltwater. The feature also allows the detector to enjoy better depth in mineralized areas.

10. Display and Control Panel

It comes with a simple control panel with a black color scheme that appears more professional. You can read the figures without straining.

Key Specifications

  • Waterproof to about 10-foot
  • Recommended for use in both salt and freshwater
  • Comes with both the auto and manual ground balance
  • Offers the Garrett MS-2 headphones
  • Product has a 24 months warranty
  • Weighs around 3.02 pounds
  • Requires four A batteries to operate
  • Measures 22 x 11 x 5 inches


  • Provides manual and auto ground balance
  • Waterproof design
  • Lasts for years
  • An effective metal detector


  • Not ideal for beginners

Garrett AT Pro FAQs

Let us turn out attention to a few questions and answers about the Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector.

Q: How Much Does the Garrett AT Pro Cost?

A: Garrett AT Pro metal detector best price allows you to find this machine for less than $560. It is well-priced when you consider other metal detectors in its class are costlier.

Q: Is Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector a good machine?

A: It is a quality product that offers the top features of high-end metal detectors. The product also lasts for a year, even when you use under salt or freshwater.


Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector was designed to allow detectorists to hunt for metals in different places. It is a product that can give you value for money and is quite affordable.