Why You Should Buy Garrett ATX Metal Detector 2023

Garrett ATX Metal Detector is a machine for extreme conditions and all terrains that let you hunt in grounds with saltwater and high mineralization. It uses Pulse Induction technology to provide uniform sensitivity when finding large and small gold nuggets.

Here we have the Garrett ATX review that looks at all its significant features and benefits.

Garrett ATX Metal Detector

Garrett ATX Features and Benefits

Garrett AXT might be the only metal detector you will ever need to do all your hunting. It provides some quality features as outlined here:

1. Pulse Induction Technology

Garrett ATX is a metal detector that uses the PI technology with a frequency of 18-19kHz that provides 730 pulses per second. It is a technology that adds depth and can handle minerals with ease.

That means you can use the Garrett ATX metal detector to find gold as it is not affected by iron. You can easily pick up signals from low conductive and small objects like gold nuggets when you eliminate the iron signals.

Garret for sale experts can even inform you that the machine’s most outstanding feature is the push-button that allows for an automatic scan. It is a setting that enables the device to adjust the frequency for quiet operation.

2. Ground Balance

One unique feature you find in this metal detector is the ground balance, which is not common in PI machines. That makes it a superb detector for hunting in multiple terrains.

It plays a critical role when hunting treasure in salty places. You need to set the ground balance after listening to the audio indication of the new area you intend to find treasures.

That means you hear weak and low audio for lightly mineralized places and loud and strong ones for heavily mineralized ones. Another feature that can help is the Ground Track – it allows you to determine the ground mineralization slowly and continuously in surfaces with multiple minerals.

3. Depth Detection

You might have read a few Garrett ATX metal detector reviews and learned that the depth detection of detectors varies with target size, object orientation, and features ad design of the machine.

With that said, the Garrett ATX comes with unique features that allow for deeper penetration. It can find coin-sized targets at 12-18-inch, can-sized objects at 24-inch, and more extensive material over 24-inch.

The detector also uses the 15-inch by 20-inch DeepSeeker search coil that allows for the deep detecting. However, it would help if you chose the Garrett ATX Deepseeker Package to get this loop.

4. Waterproof Design

The Garrett All-Terrain Extreme is submersible to about 10 feet. Its control box is designed to handle underwater usage without getting damaged, although it does not provide a visual display.

Another thing that makes it perfect for underwater use is the waterproof external speaker. Note that you will not get waterproof headphones when purchasing this detector.

5. Compact and Collapsible Design

Garrett ATX metal detector for sale comes with a telescopic shaft that allows you to hide the search coil cables. It is part of the collapsible and waterproof design of the metal detector.

You can adjust the length from 20-inch to 68-inch to meet your needs. That can allow for easy transportation when moving from one place to the other.

It is also easy to store the metal detector.

6. Garrett ATX Appearance

The machine looks like a military weapon thanks to its branding and color. You get an edge when it comes to the looks and is further made attractive by the white logo.

The detector is more extensive than other devices when it is fully stretched, but it is still easy to handle. You can maneuver it with ease, no matter where you are looking for treasures.

Its display is also simple to operate and read. The buttons are well-placed to provide simple operation.

Key Specifications

  • An adjustable threshold that allows for better target recognition
  • Comes with an all-metal mode that provides deeper detection
  • Perfect for all terrains hunting and is submersible up to 10 feet
  • Uses the multi-frequency pulse induction technology
  • Waterproof external speakers
  • Offers electronic pinpointing
  • Uses 8x AA batteries


  • Pulse induction technology
  • Manual ground balance
  • Submersible metal detector
  • Easy to collapse and extend


  • Expensive metal detector

Garrett ATX Metal Detector FAQs

Here are other things that might help you when deciding whether you purchase the Garrett ATX or not.

Q: Does the Garrett ATX Metal Detector Come with headphones?

A: Yes. The device comes with headphones, but they are not waterproof. You get the MS-2 headphones that you can use while hunting on land.

However, the detector’s jack connection is sealed to allow you to use it underwater with waterproof headphones. 

Q: Does the Garrett ATX Include a Hard Case?

A: The ATX does include a soft carrying case, 8x AA batteries, and MS-2 headphones. You can buy the hard case or choose the DeepSeeker machine to get that case.

Q: What Modes Does the Garrett ATX Metal Detector Offer?

A: The machine operates in All Metal Mode without any discrimination. However, it also comes with 25 discriminations, iron audio, iron check, and an adjustable threshold.

You can use these features to enjoy a perfect hunting session.

Q: What Type of Warranty Does the ATX Offer?

A: The product comes with a 24 months warranty that covers parts and labor. Ensure that you purchase your detector from a registered dealer to receive the warranty and register it with Garrett.

Q: How Much Does Garrett ATX Metal Detector Cost?

A: Garrett ATX is one of the most expensive detectors you can find on the market today as it goes for over $2,500. However, it is worth every penny when you consider the advanced features you receive.

Q: Where Can I Purchase the Garrett ATX Metal Detector?

A: There are hundreds of online and land-based stores selling the ATX detector. The important thing is to buy from a licensed dealer to receive the warranty.

In Conclusion

Garrett ATX is a durable metal detector that was designed to handle all kinds of terrains while finding coins, jewelry, relics, and gold. It might cost you a fortune, but you can get value for your money.