Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II Underwater Metal Detector 2023

Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II is a PI metal detector that discriminates to ensure that you look for precious metals without a hassle. The machine ignores all kinds of trash and boasts lots of great features and benefits.

You can find all its features from this Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II.

Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II

Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II Benefits and Features

Below are the features that you can enjoy when you choose Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II for all your metal detecting adventures:

1. Submersible Detector

Sea Hunter Mark II is a fully waterproof machine that you can submerge underwater without damaging it. That makes it the perfect device for scuba divers and searching for sunken targets up to 200 feet.

Its control box and battery compartment are double O-ring sealed to prevent water from accessing them. The headphone’s jack is also sealed, and it comes with submersible headphones

2. Pulse Induction (PI) Technology

PI is among the best kind of metal detector technologies due to its ability to penetrate deep in the soil. It is also a superb technology that can allow you to detect small treasures buried in mineralized areas.

That makes the Sea Hunter Mark II the perfect model for hunting gold underwater and areas with saltwater. You can bet on reaping benefits when you use this detector in those conditions.

3. Versatile Set-Up

It is a metal detector that enables you to adjust its length from 28-inch to 52-inch. You can also assemble it in four configurations, which are hip, short, full-length, and long mount.

That versatility gives you the freedom to choose the perfect comfort to weight ratio for effective underwater hunting. You can look for metal for hours without getting tired.

4. Standard Discrete Trash Elimination

A PI metal detector can struggle to discriminate against various types of metals. That is why the Sea Hunter Mark II offers some forms of discrimination, which are Standard and Discrete Trash Eliminations.

  • Standard Mode: The feature enables you to eliminate weak conductive metals while maintaining a strong signal for jewelry, relics, and coins. It also ensures you pinpoint the exert location of your target.
  • Discrete Mode: The feature allows for precise discrimination in areas with lots of trash like pull tabs. It is a motion responding elimination mode.

5. Multiple, Adjustable Frequencies

Another notable feature is the multiple, adjustable frequencies that operate at 7.5kHz – that is equal to 950 pulses per second. You get up to 22 frequencies that you can adjust manually to ensure that you fine-tune your detector the way you want.

That means you can vary the sensitivity and depth to allows for the best hunting session.

6. 12 Months Warranty

The product comes with a 12-month warranty that covers any defect that might occur due to the manufacturing process. You can also receive a free detector’s service during that period. 

7. Two Search Coils

Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II Metal Detector comes with two search coils to ensure that you use the one that meets your hunting conditions. These are the 10-inch x 14-inch PROformance Elliptical Mono Loop Coil and the 8-Inch PROformance.

Key Specifications

  • Limited warranty protection of 12 months
  • Provides up to 22 operating frequencies at 750 Pulse Per Second
  • Submersible up to 200 feet
  • A lightweight metal detector that weighs 3.2 pounds
  • Compartments are independently sealed 
  • Standard and discrete trash eliminations
  • Comes with two search coils
  • Package contains underwater headphones
  • An instructional DVD to guide you when setting the machine


  • Uses PI technology and has discriminations
  • Able to vary the length
  • Provides up to four mounting options
  • Easy to submerge underwater


  • Only a one year warranty

Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II FAQs

The next part looks at some of the popular questions about the Sea Hunter Mark II.

Q: Who Should Use the Sea Hunter Mark II by Garrett?

A: It is a metal detector that was designed for intermediate and professional metal hunters. One feature that makes it suitable for these users is the lack of an LCD display.

The detectorists must depend on the audio tones to figure out what they have found. However, its price makes it the right model for people who want to start underwater hunting.

Q: How Does the Sea Hunter Mark II Metal Detector by Garrett Perform?

A: The machine uses the PI technology that ignores non-conductive and conductive mineralization to detect only precious targets. It offers up to 22 frequencies that make it a susceptible device.

It would help if you also depended on audios to interpret your findings as it does not include a visual display. It has a simple to operate interface with just the headphone jack, power switch, and two potentiometers. 

Q: Can I Use Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II on Land?

A: You can use this metal detector on both the dry land and underwater – whether it is saltwater or freshwater. However, it can provide you with more success when looking for treasures underwater.

That is because the discrimination options reduce when you are hunting on the land.

Q: Can I Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II without Headphones?

A: You can control the Sea Hunter’s audio volume through the Threshold setting located on the control box. Please set it to low and then adjust to suit your needs and the background noises.  

That way, you can detect when the signal varies. Most underwater metal detectors do not have an internal speaker.

Q: How Many Batteries Does the Sea Hunter Mark II Use?                     

A: The device uses 8x AA batteries. They can provide you with service for about 22 hours.

The detector does not offer a battery-level indicator that you can use to know when to change them. However, you can listen to beeps:

  • Four beeps mean the batteries are full.
  • One beep means it is time to change the cells.

In Conclusion

Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II is a metal detector that can perform well for all users. You can also use it underwater and on-land to find all types of treasures.