GPX 5000 vS Garrett ATX- which one is better?

If you are thinking of venturing into the gold hunting business or if you are already in this business but you want to detect gold with better accuracy, then you need to invest in a good gold detector. The quality of the gold detector that you choose is very important and will determine your success in the gold-hunting business.

If you have been searching for the best gold detectors on the market, chances are that you have narrowed down your list to these two gold-detecting devices: GPX 5000 and Garrett ATX. So which one of these two gold detectors is better and why? In this review, we will discuss in depth these two metal detectors to help you make an informed decision.

Now, without further ado, let’s get started.

GPX 5000 VS Garrett ATX

What exactly is GPX 5000?

GPX 5000 is a device used in detecting gold. This gold-detecting device is known for its precision and versatility and it is widely used by many gold prospectors around the world. The exclusive technology that GPX 5000 is equipped with has completely revolutionized the gold-hunting industry.

This device is equipped with three proprietary features including multi-period sensing, smart electronic timing alignment (SETA), and dual voltage technology which all work together to ensure that nothing passes you, including a sub-gram nugget.

GPX 5000 also has 8 soil timings with new settings for gold coin and salt gold. The 8 soil timings that it features make it incredibly versatile because one device can perform 8 soil timings. The upgraded electronics that it features provide better target sensitivity for better control and optimum performance.

GPX 5000 is also equipped with six preset modes, including general detecting, Hi- mineral, deep search, pinpoint, hi-trash, and patch that allow you to hunt for gold with confidence. The automatic ground balance that it features makes it easy to set this gold-detecting device suitable for all ground conditions.

If you are looking for a gold-detecting device with improved depth detection, increased sensitivity, and superb target discernment, then GPX 5000 is the perfect choice for you.

If you purchase GPX 500-, then you are assured that you will be coming back home with a heavier haul. It is equipped with many great features that will make your gold hunting process smooth and more successful.

What is Garett ATX?

Garrett ATX is a powerful gold detector that is specially designed to detect gold and other precious metals buried in the ground. This device is known for its ability to detect gold at great depths. Garrett ATX uses an advanced pulse induction system that enables it to detect gold at great depths.

This gold-detecting device is also designed with high-quality military specifications that enable it to perform incredibly well even in harsh environmental conditions such as in rocky lands, salt water, and mineral lands.

The latest technology that Garrett ATX uses enables it to detect both large and small gold nuggets with great accuracy. If you use this device, then you are guaranteed that no gold will pass you. If there is gold in the ground, then Garrett ATX will find it.

Garrett ATX is incredibly versatile and can be used for the exploration and extraction of gold, jewelry, precious metals, and buried treasures underground and underwater.

GPX 5000 vs. Garrett ATX, which one is better?

Now that you have an idea of what these two gold detectors are, the question that you are probably asking yourself right now is which one is better? In this section, we will look at different aspects of these two gold-detecting devices to help you determine which one is better.

  • Ease of use

When it comes to ease of use, Garrett ATX carries the day. This gold-detecting device is incredibly easy to use despite having many sophisticated features. It will not take you long to master how to get the best for this gold-detecting device. It has fewer attachment cables and is thus lighter and easy to use. It also easily folds up and is thus easy to transport.

GPX 5000 on the other hand has more cable attachments and is thus quite bulky. It is also more complicated to use and could take you a lot of time before you learn how to use it correctly. The fact that it is bulk means that it is quite difficult to transport.

  • Price

Pricing is a huge factor that influences most people when buying a gold-detecting device. When it comes to price GPX 500o is more expensive than Garrett ATX. In fact, GPX 5000 is almost twice the price of the Garrett ATX. So, if the price is a huge factor for you, then Garrett ATX could be a better choice.

  • Gold detection depth

When it comes to gold detection depth, GPX 5000 stands out. It has better detection depth than Garrett ATX. The difference in detection depth between these two devices is between 2-3 inches with GPX 5000 going deeper. So, if you are looking for a gold-detecting device with better depth detection then GPX 5000 is a better choice.

  • Versatility

Both GPX 5000 and Garrett ATX are incredibly versatile but the GPX 5000 is much better when it comes to versatility. GPX 5000 also has 8 soil timings and it is also equipped with six preset modes which enable it to perform multiple functions with ease. It is thus a better choice for prospectors who are looking for an all-in-one gold detector.

Final thoughts

From the above review, it is clear that both GPX 5000 and Garrett ATX are great choices for gold hunters. Both of them are equipped with great technology that enables them to detect gold with superb accuracy.

However, when it comes to which one is better, it all goes down to preference. These two gold detectors have their strengths and weakness. It is upon you to choose one that has the most features that are important to you.