The Best Spots To Go Metal Detecting In Michigan

Metal detecting is a rewarding and exciting hobby. However, before you can set out to start metal detecting in Michigan, it’s essential to do some research on the best places to locate hidden treasures.

If you’re a metal detecting enthusiast, Michigan is the best state in the U.S. to practice this hobby. This is because this state has the biggest public forest size in this country and is found at the boundary of four of five large lakes.

The array of treasures you might find are vast. This is because Michigan is home to many abandoned copper mines, lumber operations, and home to Native American cultures.

Therefore, it’s clear that Michigan boasts a great potential on prospective valuables you might find. Here’s an overview of the best places to metal detect in Michigan you need to visit.

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Huron-Manistee National Forests (Buried Treasure)

Manistee and Huron national forests are two separate forests located on the upper side of Michigan’s lower peninsula. The total coverage of these two forests covers 978,906 acres of land covered with miles of streams, rivers, and lakes.

These two national forests are a popular choice among Michigan metal detecting clubs and enthusiasts since many valuables can be found buried deep into the forest.

There’s are stories that deep into the Huron national forest that millions of gold coins are buried. These coins’ exact location is yet to be discovered, but legend has it that the robbers who had stolen these coins from a train buried it alongside Benton Lake shoreline.

Therefore, if you’re hoping to try your luck and stumble upon this pile of gold coins, don’t wait anymore to take your metal detector.

Grand Haven State Park (Lighthouse Beach)

Michigan shares the borders with 4 out of 5 great lakes. It thus shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are many lighthouses scattered around this state.

Nevertheless, some of these lighthouses don’t have metal detector friendly policies and aren’t for use by the public. This is what distinguishes the Grand Haven State Park if you’re into metal detecting.

This 48-acre park is found on the west side of the lower peninsula Michigan where the Grand River opens on the Lake Michigan coast. Other than the lighthouse, this lighthouse purely consists of beach sand.

In this park, you’re permitted to use your metal detector as you try and try your luck in finding dropped valuables, coins, and jewelry. However, this should be done under strict adherence to the state laws requiring you not to destroy the resources.

This park is an ideal place with a mammoth beach if you’re into metal detecting for lost treasure. As a result, it is one of the best places to metal detect in Michigan you should consider visiting.

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Hiawatha National Forest

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This forest is considered to be among the most naturally beautiful places across the globe. It’s located on Michigan’s upper peninsula and is an excellent place to go and try your luck metal hunting.

The Hiawatha National Forest borders Lake Superior and Lake Michigan, plus other parts on its eastern side border Lake Huron. This totals to a shoreline that’s more than 100 miles and a forest with a size of 894,836 acres.

In the past, this huge tract of land was used for logging operations. However, this changed once this land got labeled as a national forest.

This combination of abandoned logging operations, extensive shorelines, former home to the Native Americans, and beautiful forests makes it an excellent place to search for treasures. When searching for an ideal park to go metal detecting, look no further.

Nonetheless, some forest areas are still used by the forest service for uses like museums and commercial purposes. You should stay away from such areas as metal detecting isn’t permitted.

Warren Dunes State Park

This park consists of a series of massive sand dunes found close to Michigan’s southwest side alongside the Lake Michigan border.

It’s among the most popular camping destinations in Michigan state, and this forest covers a total of 1,952 acres. This is a great accomplishment since camping in Michigan is a very popular recreational activity and is mostly carried out on its northern side.

With millions of tourists visiting this park every year, the potential of finding dropped coins, jewelry, and any other valuable in the sand is high. Therefore, get your metal detector ready and head to this park, and you most likely will stumble upon something valuable.

Nonetheless, not all areas of this part allow metal detecting. Thus, you should check out the map printed by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources on areas where metal detecting is allowed.

Antrim Creek Natural Area (Ghost Town)

This park differs from other locations since the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conversancy manages it through officials working for Antrim country instead of state or national governments.

This 156-acre land has a whole mile of shoreline alongside Lake Michigan. The town was initially intended to be used as a port town due to its nearness to the lake.

Nonetheless, this didn’t materialize because of shallow waters, which only suited small boats that would dock alongside the waterfront.

Despite this, the town still managed to record slight growth but didn’t this last for long. However, residents later left, leaving behind small signs of previous inhabitance and some foundations.

If you want to find mid-1800’s mild relics, this is a great place to start. It is no surprise that many people consider this one of the top metal detecting spots in Michigan.


If you’re into metal detecting in Michigan, reading through detailed article has provided you with useful tips on the perfect locations to find treasures.

With this in mind, head over to these best places to metal detect in Michigan mentioned above. Subsequently, you’ll most likely find something valuable to take back and show your family and friends back home.