12 Best Places to Metal Detecting in Tennessee – Our Guidelines

Looking to elevate your metal detecting skills this year?  You will find the best treasure hunting spots in Tennessee after you read this updated travel guide.

Don’t waste time studying maps of Tennessee or plotting out public lands throughout the state.  You might end up running into a lot of dead-ends or get turned away from a good spot because you aren’t aware of the Tennessee metal detecting laws.

If you want to avoid wasting your effort and money, you need to plan ahead.  You can learn the best Tennessee metal detecting spots ahead of time so you know exactly where to go once you arrive in the state.

You should also be aware of some of the laws and regulations surrounding metal detecting in Tennessee.  Unfortunately, this state has a limited amount of space available for you to do it freely.

There are still plenty of great spots in the state of Tennessee where you can legally and successfully go metal detecting.  Check out this year’s guide to Tennessee metal detecting laws and the 12 best places in the state to find some hidden treasure.

Metal Detecting In Tennessee

Why Metal Detecting in Tennessee?

 A lot of metal detecting fans wonder if it is even worth it to go metal detecting in Tennessee.  Why would you pick this state?  Below, you’ll find a few good reasons.

There is a lot of lost treasure in Tennessee.  This state was the site of many forts and military barracks during the American Civil War, and so there are said to be droves of hidden treasure buried throughout the land.

Tennessee is full of ghost towns, where remnants of abandoned buildings still stand.  There are great opportunities to find lost items and treasures that have been forgotten throughout the years.

The news often has stories about a legendary piece of treasure found in Tennessee.  People and historical figures have buried treasure chests around the state for lucky hunters to find.  Most of that treasure is still hidden to this day!  Maybe you can be the one to uncover it.

Before You Start: Things to Know

Before you can start planning your metal detecting trip to Tennessee, you need to be aware of the state’s laws and regulations about treasure hunting.  Here’s what you need to know.

There are quite a few Tennessee metal detecting laws that might prevent you from digging up treasure in certain places.

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These laws and regulations include:

  • You cannot remove important objects that might be more than 100 years old or considered an archaeological artifact.
  • No metal detecting is allowed in National Parks or Tennessee State Parks.
  • Some Tennessee National Forests permit metal detecting in certain areas, particularly beaches.
  • County parks, city parks, and other types of public land will have laws that vary from location to location.
  • You can metal detect on private land with the land owner’s written permission.

Make sure to double-check with local state, county, and private authorities before starting your metal detecting journey.

If you want to get in touch with local experts who can tell you more about the best metal detecting spots in Tennessee, there are some clubs you can reach out to.  The East, West, and Middle Tennessee Metal Detecting Clubs are all friendly community experts who can give you some insight on hidden treasure hunting snots.

12 Best Metal Detecting Spots in Tennessee

Don’t start planning your metal detecting route in Tennessee without knowing the best places to start.  Take a look at the below guide and learn about this year’s top 12 best metal detecting spots in Tennessee.

1. Fort Henry Ruins

You can find the Fort Henry ruins on the eastern edge of the Kentucky Lake in Tennessee.  This is a great spot for treasure hunting as there are many remnants from the Civil War left behind.

A lot of people have buried their own treasures throughout the Fort Henry ruins over the years.  You might get lucky and dig up a couple of pieces of history.

2. Indian Boundary Recreation Area Beach – Cherokee National Forest

Before you sign up for a metal detecting journey in this area, remember the Tennessee metal detecting laws.  Some National Forests in Tennessee allow metal detecting, and some don’t.

Cherokee National Forest permits metal detecting only in Indian Boundary Recreation Area Beach.  Along the beach, you are much more likely to find bits of treasure and buried trinkets.

3. Shook Branch Recreation Area Beach

Looking for a place where you can have both treasure hunting and a family picnic?  This is a nice spot in Tennessee to get all of that and more.

The Shook Branch Recreation Area Beach is a part of Watauga Lake in Carter County, and it is always a beautiful spot to visit.  You can find metal along the sandy shores.

4. Lost Delosie Silver Mine

On the hunt for a legendary piece of treasure in Tennessee?  The Lost Delosie Silver Mine is one of the best places to metal detect in Tennessee.  Here’s why.

This abandoned and hidden mine is a place to find lots of silver.  If you find it, you have got some real value in your hands.  You can find the Lost Delosie Silver Mine near the North Carolina border.

5. Obey River Day Use Area

There are over 620 miles of shoreline to enjoy around Dale Hollow Lake.  A subsection of that – known as the Obey River Day Use Area – is a great place to find hidden treasures in Tennessee.

You might not find a ton of valuable things, but you can enjoy a day at the beach while using your metal detector to practice finding goodies.

6. J. Percy Priest Lake – Cook Day Use Area

Whether you are an experienced metal detector or starting a metal detecting adventure for the first time, the Cook Day Use Area of ​​J. Percy Priest Lake is a good place to get some practice.

With a lot of wide-open, unregulated spaces, the Cook Day Use Area is one of the easiest places to metal detect in Tennessee.

7. Bear Springs

You can find some good metal detecting spots in Tennessee just by traveling up Route 49. Bear Springs is an old Civil War location with a lot of secrets to hide.

There are rumors that a Confederate soldier buried over $ 60,000 worth of gold pieces in a treasure chest somewhere in Bear Springs.  Nobody has ever found it before … will you be the first?

8. Parksville Beach

Most beaches in Tennessee are open to unregulated metal detecting.  Parksville Beach is a popular destination for beginners and expert treasure hunters alike.

Even if you don’t find anything, there is a beautiful scenic view of the water that you can enjoy.  Travel up the Ocoee Scenic Byway for some extra sights and small treasure hunting spots.

9. Paris Landing

If you are planning on making the Fort Henry ruins part of your treasure hunting journey, then you must also consider Paris Landing.  It is just south of Fort Henry and filled with rumors of some legendary treasure.

Some Civil War soldiers hid some treasure and Confederate weapons somewhere in Paris Landing.  You might want to search around the lake for clues.

10. Dover

If you want to find some good pieces of treasure during your trip to Tennessee, you must visit Dover.  It is a place of history and legends.

Dover is a small little town in the wilderness that was a prominent spot during the Civil War.  There is a lot of treasure buried underneath this place that you can find with the right metal detecting equipment.

11. Old Hickory Lake Beach

A fun vacation spot and a good place to find hidden trinkets, Old Hickory Lake Beach is a must-see stop on your metal detecting journey in Tennessee.  It is an outdoor recreational area with plenty of sand and dirt to dig through.

People often report digging up small treasures in this area.  Try your luck and see what you find!

12. Chilhowee Recreation Area Beach

There are so many beaches in Tennessee that can be fun and useful spots for metal detecting several things make Chilhowee Recreation Area Beach stand out from the rest.

While not always rife with treasures, the Chilhowee Recreation Area Beach is one of the most beautiful walking tours in Tennessee.  You can see some great sights while sweeping through the forest for hidden trinkets.

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Start Planning Your Metal Detecting Journey in Tennessee!

treasure found in tennessee

It is easy to have a fun and successful treasure hunting adventure in Tennessee.  You just need to make sure you are aware of the Tennessee metal detecting laws as well as the best places to metal detect in Tennessee so you know exactly where to go.

This guide has given you an overview of important laws and regulations about metal detecting in Tennessee, as well as the 12 best places to find some hidden or legendary treasure.  You can find natural beauty and pieces of history along the way.