For Metal Detecting Myrtle Beach Is A Great Spot!

Metal detecting, or treasure hunting, as some enthusiasts prefer to call it, is a great hobby, but you need to be sure that you are operating within the law. After all, nothing can spoil a happy day of seeking those special finds like a police officer coming up and putting his heavy hand on your shoulder!

So you will be glad to know that if you are thinking about a day on the shore metal detecting, Myrtle Beach has just a few common-sense regulations that you must obey, but otherwise, it’s perfectly OK for you to go ahead and explore the sands to your heart’s content.

metal detecting myrtle beach

What Are The Myrtle Beach Metal Detecting Regulations?

It’s quite simple to stay within the law at Myrtle Beach. There are just a few things to remember.

  • You are not allowed to climb the sand dunes
  • You are not even allowed to walk on the sand dunes
  • You must not dig in or alongside the seagrass areas
  • You can’t use your metal detector in the public parks
  • You must not use your metal detector in any area owned by the City of Myrtle Beach
  • In the North Myrtle Beach Area, you must fill in any holes that you might dig

As you can see, these regulations are common sense and are intended to protect the environment of the beach. The dunes and the grass are very important in the preservation of the beach. It’s important that you respect these local laws, to ensure that this great beach will be open to treasure hunters for years to come. Most people who enjoy metal detecting are very anxious to make sure that they leave their hunting areas in good shape; make sure you are one of them!

Where Are The Best Areas To Hunt For Treasure On Myrtle Beach?

Myrtle Beach is ten miles long, and so there is a lot of scope here for the enthusiastic treasure hunter.

Here on Myrtle Beach, you are not looking for pirate hoards or ancient artifacts (although you never know your luck!) The name of the metal detecting game here is to be close to the popular hotels and resorts, where you can find coins, jewelry, even electronic items that people have left behind after a day of fun and sun.

Southern Myrtle Beach

Let’s start at Southern Myrtle Beach, where there are a number of big resorts stretched out over about a mile of beach. You can park at the public car park at Nash Street, which gives you access right onto the sand. This area does get extremely busy, so it’s best to make your trip early or late when the only people you are likely to encounter are the odd runner or dog walker.

There are plenty of nice bars and restaurants along the beachfront here, so once your hunting is done, you can find a good place to relax and refuel.

Central Myrtle Beach

As you move further north, you will find Central Myrtle Beach, which is home to around fifteen large resort hotels. Once again, early and late is the key here – during the day it is just too crowded.

North Myrtle Beach

Further along the beach still you will find what amounts to a separate small town, North Myrtle Beach. The regulations here are the same, you just have to remember to fill in those holes where you have dug into the sand. If you forget, a hundred dollar fine will be eating into your profits for the day. This is a very busy area, with lots of guests on the beach all day, so again, early and late are the key times for hunting.

Myrtle Beach State Park

What? Didn’t we say that the public parks were out of bounds? Yes, they are, but the park’s beaches are open for metal detectors to try their luck. Just to be sure, stay close to the edge of the water and you can be sure that you are keeping the law.

A Few General Tips

There are some quiet areas of the beach, but as these are less frequented places, then you are less likely to make finds. If you have time though, they might be work a quick sweep along the tideline.

Remember to search around the areas that people are most likely to be sitting. You can see these areas easily at the end of the day, as they tend to be the most disturbed looking. Sandcastles and sand sculptures are a sure sign that people have been using a particular area. Look for dips in the sand, because things get washed into these dips when the tide comes in.

Speaking of the tides, low tide is always better than high tide for hunting, simply because you have more of the beach to explore. Remember to always keep an eye on the incoming tide, so that you stay safe.

Happy hunting for treasure on Myrtle Beach!