Metal Detector Pinpointer Harbor Freight And How To Use It

A metal detector is handy when trying to locate the precise position of valuables. Using one not saves you energy and time you would have otherwise spent trying to find the treasure manually. Therefore, it’s no doubt that this equipment is a valuable tool for you or your kids when searching for a treasure. With so many options of metal detectors on the market, deciding which one will best serve your needs is often complicated.

This is because many of these metal detectors that feature in-built pinpointers but don’t the best quality. If you want a product that guarantees exceptional quality, the Harbor Freight metal detector is a perfect choice.

Harbor Freight Metal Detector Pinpointer

Features Of The Metal Detector Pinpointer Harbor Freight

The Harbor Freight pinpointer metal detector helps you locate coins and other precious items hidden either in your backyard or the beach. It manages to achieve this due to the many exceptional features it incorporates, including;

  • Easy and lightweight to use
  • Has an Adjustable stem
  • Distinguishes the audio signals for different metals
  • Includes arm support for reduced fatigue
  • Functions even under shallow water
  • Has an earphone jack that allows you to use it without any noise distraction

Functions And Indicators of the Harbor Freight Pinpointer Metal Detector

There are several functions you need to know about before using this pinpointer. This includes;


This allows you to set your unit’s sensitivity, with the lowest level being 0 while the highest is 10. You should set the sensitivity to a higher level for general use.

However, a lower sensitivity is more effective in an area with electrical interference or mineralized region.


There are three modes you can set, that ism TONE, ALL METAL, and DISC.

• DISC or TONE: This is the regulation knob that allows for metal identification.

• Target Button: Normally used with the ALL METAL mode to determine the location of a target object.

• View Meter: It states the strength of a signal after detecting a metal.

ALL METAL, TONE, and DISC are all motion mode. Therefore, you’ll need to move the Search Coil to locate your target object. If you want to pinpoint an item underneath the surface, Target Mode is the ideal pick.

How To Use The Harbor Freight Pinpointer Metal Detector

After testing your metal detector and confirming that everything is working correctly, you can now go ahead and start using it. The steps to follow when doing this are;

  • Set your metal detector’s Mode button to SENS and ALL METAL to the highest level.
  • Regulate the VOLUME to the preferred level.
  • Start sweeping the Search Coil gradually in an arc back and forth while ensuring it’s around 1/2″ to 2″ above the ground.
  • If the need moves towards the right on the View Meter or a beeping sound is produced, you’ve found a metal item.
  • Using the TARGET button, isolate the exact position of the metal object: Consequently, use the TONE or DISC modes to establish the type of metal to know if you’ll start digging it out.
  • After you’re done using the metal detector, switch it off and take out the batteries. You must always do this to avoid any accidents.
  • Clean your metal detector tool while indoors, far away from your kid’s reach.

Tips To Observe When Locating For Metal Objects In Different Environments

Numerous factors affect the accuracy and sensitivity of the metal objects you’re trying to locate. This includes size, the angle, oxidation levels, and depth of the target item.

The seawater conditions or different soils, electrical and electromagnetic interference also affect the readings that show on your metal detector.

With this in mind, here are some useful tips that will help you énsure your metal searching endeavor is a success.

  • Reduce the SENS setting when searching for a metal object in an area with interference from TV, electrical cables, radio, or any other electrical gadget.
  • Lower the SENS setting if there are other metal detectors within the area you’re searching for a metal item.
  •  Ensure to move every metal digging tool while locating the metal objects.
  • You should set your metal detector to DISC at the center setting, thereby allowing it to overlook many of the priceless metals such as bottle caps, small pieces of iron cans, and nails
  • Sometimes the Harbor Freight metal detector pinpointer may produce a sound even though there’s no metallic object as you’re searching a highly mineralized region.

If this does happen, reduce the SENS setting and consequently set high on the DISC, thereby increasing the Search Coil’s distance above the ground until there’s no false signal.

It would be best to position a test metal object on wet sand or highly mineralized earth when setting before it starts.

The DISC setting and SENS level are usually the opposite. Therefore, the greater level of sensitivity, the higher the discrimination level, and you’ll need to reduce this sensitivity for improved discrimination.


The Harbor Freight metal detector pinpointer is a useful tool for locating valuable metal items on the beach or your yard.

However, not everyone understands what it has to offer and how to use it. If this is a problem you’re going through, this detailed article has provided you with invaluable advice on using this tool.