National Geographic Metal Detector Won’t Stop Beeping

When you buy a metal detector it is supposed to beep. That sound lets you know that you made a discovery. Unfortunately, the sound does not tell you if your discovery is worth anything or not.

While the beeping is good news, there are times when the noise can become a problem. When the beeping doesn’t stop, it is letting you know there is something wrong with your detector or there is some sort of interference.

National Geographic Metal Detector Won't Stop Beeping

When the National Geographic metal detector does not stop beeping

This metal detector is supposed to be one of the better detectors on the market. However, even it is not perfect and the continual beeping is sending you a bad message.

#1. You are searching in mineralized soil

False positives often happen when you are going over this type of ground. The minerals in the soil are activating the detector and it won’t stop beeping until you move to new ground

#2. Wearing the wrong shoes

For some reason, people put on steel-toed boots or shoes with metal eyelets to hold their shoelaces. The metal in that footwear will set off the metal detector and keep it beeping until you change your shoes.

#3. Wearing the wrong clothing or fashion accessories

Even though the metal detector is pointed to the ground, any metal in your clothing or accessories can set the detector off. This is rare though but be prepared to check your attire to make sure it is not a source of the constant beeping sound.

#4. Using the detector in the wrong way

Sometimes people place their detectors too close to the ground. This ends up having you bump the ground a lot which sets off the beeper. Also, try to not swing the detector from side to side as a clock pendulum swings.

Keep the detector as close to the ground as possible but not so close it bumps it and don’t swing so fast.

#5. Going metal detecting with buddies

While it is fun to have friends doing the same activity but this can be a problem. If you and your friends are too close together, you will pick up each other’s signals. Try to stay about 6 to 9 feet apart so you can find something buried in the dirt and not each other.

#6. Check your sensitivity levels

This is important as you may have put them on the wrong setting. When you go for the very sensitive setting, your detector will beep constantly as it over-reacts to items buried in the sand.

Some final words

Constant beeping by your metal detector does not tell you that you found a buried treasure hoard. Your device is telling you that something is wrong and you need to find the source of that constant beeping.

Then you correct the problem so you can have fun and a successful search.