Nokta Makro Simplex vs Minelab Vanquish 540: Which Metal Detector Works Better?

Treasure-hunting metal detectors are metallic devices used to locate buried artifacts and golden treasure underground, made with special features for the exact purpose.

In the Middle East, there have been numerous states, civilizations, and empires like the Romans, the Greeks, the Egyptians, and the Persians, all of which left behind historical monuments and architectural traces. Even though archaeological excavations have discovered much of these, there remain great treasures to be found.

If you are looking for the latest metal detectors that have just hit the market at entry level, you should go no further. This guide will show you which among the Nokta Makró Simplex and Minelab Vanquish 540 is the best option for your operation and why.

Nokta Makro Simplex Vs Minelab Vanquish 540

Here is what you should know about the Nokta Makro Simplex vs. Minelab Vanquish 540.

Both of these machines are a bit nose-heavy at 2.9lbs. They are both collapsible and have been equipped with back-lit screens. These machines are both very low frequency (VLF) metal detectors that discriminate against trashy targets with options to configure the tone frequencies, switch between frequencies, and set the separation speeds compared to pulse induction (PI) detectors.

For your treasure-hunting expedition, VLF detectors have been shown to have limited target depths in comparison to PI detectors. However, they are your best choice since they have a higher ability to discriminate good targets from bad targets. They are also easier to use, which has played a part in their popularity.

This is how the two machines compare:

Whereas the Simplex has 100% waterproofing, the Vanquish does not

This means that the Nokta Makro Simplex can be submersed fully in water for up to 10 feet, while the Vanquish can only fight for water penetration for about 3 feet above the search coil. Getting the control box of the Vanquish wet means the end of your hunting day.

The waterproof detectors allow the treasure hunter to explore in any weather conditions without worrying about protection. The Simplex makes you unique in that you will not have to run for shelter when the rain pours; you can carry on with the hunt in the rain all day with no worries.

Single-frequency and multi-frequency

Minelab has made a better machine when search frequencies are concerned about incorporating multi-IQ or multi-frequency technology into the Minelab Vanquish 540. This enables it to simultaneously work on a couple of frequencies which means the treasure hunter can cover more search ground and detect targets invisible to single-frequency machines on different frequencies.

Thus, owning a Minelab Vanquish 540 saves you the trouble of separately sweeping the same ground on several frequencies; one pass over multiple frequencies is enough.

 Which One of them is built better?

Both are excellent machines, but the Simplex beats the Vanquish in this category. Nokta has made a 100% waterproof machine capable of handling any condition and taking a beating. However, Minelab had already made a similar machine in Equinox, so it did not have to incorporate the same qualities in the Vanquish. It is still an excellent machine; it requires the user to be more attentive to the weather.

Also, the Minelab Vanquish has been built as very easy to use for beginners and intermediate detectorists. It comes with 5-pre-set modes of operation; volume, sensitivity, discrimination, iron bias, 5-tones, noise cancel, and no need for grounding balance.

As for the Simplex, you require more finessing to set it up; you require ground balance and tuning, which makes it a little more complicated in its setup and control.

 Which one works better for the hearing impaired?

Nokta incorporated into the Simplex a built-in vibration that one can feel at the gripping handle, which is of great help to those with hearing disabilities. This feature is absent in the Vanquish.

Which warranty is better?

When you choose to buy the Simplex, it will come with s 2-year warranty, and if you lean towards the Minelab Vanquish, there is a 3-year coverage for both the coil and the control box.

The reason why Minelab only places it at the coil and the control box is unclear. It says nothing of what should be done if the arm cuff and the shaft break. When the breakage is on these, the best-covered one is the Vanquish.

What are the options for configuration?

With the Simplex, you get two options. There is a version that comes with wireless headphones; although you might save about $50, ditch the wireless headphones, and opt to use yours.

 As for the Minelab Vanquish, you are presented with three options for configuration. They have a lower model, the 440, but the 540 comes in two options; the Minelab Vanquish 540 and the Minelab Vanquish 540 Pro-Pack, all at different prices.

Nokta Makro Simplex vs. Minelab Vanquish 540 Is There a Clear Winner?

Both of them are excellent machines that counter each other’s deficiencies in a variety of areas. Which one wins will be mostly decided by the type of hunting you intend to conduct. For water hunters and relics, your best option is the Simplex.

However, if you think of covering more ground faster and capturing targets that are missed by the single VLF machines at higher frequencies, your best option will be the Vanquish.

The multi-IQ technology in Minelab Vanquish 540 installs it as the best in some conditions, and the Simplex proves itself in other areas. Also, the Simplex has some “nice to have” design features absent in the Vanquish, but they are unnecessary.

Deciding which one has the upper hand is quite tricky, but both make excellent entry-level metal detectors.