Top 10 Places to Hunt Coins and Precious Metals with Metal Detectors

You can find coins and precious metals almost anywhere you go. Whether you are searching for gold nuggets, jewelry, coins, or relics, there is plentiful to unearth.

Choosing the perfect location can even boost your chance of finding more significant and better treasures. Which are these places?

Places To Hunt Coins

Top 10 Locations for Finding Treasures

Here are the top ten locations that you can find coins, relics, golds, jewelry, and other metals using your coins metal detector.

1. Your Backyard and Garden

Charity begins at home, and what could be more exciting than finding your long lost coin or treasure? You should conduct a thorough sweep around your home when you get your metal detector.

Spending sometimes scanning your compound, including a garden, can be the best way to learn how to use your new metal detector. You can even bury some old tins and coins to get used to hearing the sound your metal detector produces.

Not only do you get to practice, but you also find some old treasures that might be hiding in the ground. After all, you never know how the previous owner used your home.

2. Neighbors’ Backyard and Garden

Extend your detecting services to your family and friends when you are done with your backyard and home. They might even request you to find some treasures they lost five or six years ago. 

Get your metal detectors and move around the neighborhood looking for coins, jewelry, gold, and other materials. Share with them whatever you find.

3. Farmers’ Fields

Most treasure hunters have found coins and other metals in farmers’ fields. That is because humans have always conducted a lot of activities around these sites, including trading. 

Local farmers’ fields research can tell you which might be the most rewarding sites to visit. Also, look for ancient meeting points and deserted farmhouses; you can find lots of older coins and other treasures, even gold.

4. Woodland

Mountain hikers, bikers, trail runners, and dog walkers use woodland paths regularly and easily lose stuff. They can be the perfect places to hunt for treasure using your metal detector.

You can also find old relics in these lands. The critical thing to remember is footpaths and trails change over the years; you should scan all over the woodland.

5. Local Parks and Playgrounds

You can find lots of lost treasures at your local parks. Children find excellent hiding places in this park, where you can find toys, jewelry, and even loose change from the parents.

Also, search the sidelines where people rest and drop their treasurers and leave them behind. Sweep under the trees, benches, picnic tables, at the parking lots, and inside the trash cans.

6. School Compounds

New and old school compounds hide dozens of treasures, including coins, jewelry, relics, and others. Children often bury treasures underground and forget to pick them, which you can uncover.

The critical thing to remember is to seek permission before entering these compounds. You might also need to wait for the schools to close before you go metal hunting.

7. Church Compounds

One place you can find lots of coins is the churchyard because churches, just like burial sites, are one of the oldest structures in the world. It makes sense to stay out of burial sites but scanning around your church cannot harm you.

Take your metal detector and scan under trees, near the gate, and around the structures in the church compound. You can find ancient coins in these yards.

Remember to seek permission from the priest or churchwarden before you enter the compound.

8. Sports Stadiums

Lots of coins and valuable items go missing in sports stadiums. Spectators are often distracted, screaming, and jumping around, and often lose useful things, including phones, coins, jewelry, and more.

The disadvantage of visiting these stadiums is many people know that and often go looking for the lost stuff. Aim to enter the stadium when the game is over to have a better chance of collecting these coins.

Sports stadiums are usually private structures that you need permission to enter.

9. Deserted Battlefields

You can find historical battlefields everywhere you go. You can find both the ancient times and world wars fighting sites. 

They are the best places to find historical materials that were used during the old days. The only issue with visiting such sites is they have been scanned hundreds of times before and most valuable take by earlier detectorists.

But you can always find some treasures, especially now that the technology of metal detecting has improved.

10. The Beach

Beaches are excellent sites for activities like soaking up under the sun, swimming, skydiving, surfing, and many more. Different individuals, from all parts of the world, visit these beaches, and lose their belongings.

You are likely to find something metallic at the beach and gold that has been swept from other parts of the world. Scan around the waterline, resting places, and in shallow water to find these treasures.

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Tips for Coins and Treasure Hunting

We are living during the internet age, and there are dozens of metal detecting forums that you can visit to find out where to go metal hunting. Of course, metal detectorists give out only limited information to prevent a rush in metal hunting, but you can find some useful tips.

You can even join metal detecting clubs that can offer useful tips about metal hunting. They might come in handy when you are faced with an issue or when seeking permission to hunt in some of the places listed above.

You can find buried treasures in all places where people visit. That includes racecourses, piers, camping sites, seabed’s, picnic grounds, playgrounds, schoolyards, stream beds, and deserted towns or houses. 

Final Verdict

It can be tasking to know where to start metal hunting if you are new in this industry. The good news is you can find coins, jewelry, relics, and gold at all places where humans visit frequently.  Ensure that you get the best detector for hunting coins if you wish to find these treasures.