Positive And Negative Sides XP Deus Metal Detector [2023]

XP Deus Metal Detector is a popular machine that is loved by professional detectorists for its ability to find treasures. It is an older model that started with the V2 software, got updated to the V3 one, and now uses software that gets updated regularly.

The metal detector offers a lot of great features, as you can find out from this review.

Xp Deus Metal detector

XP Deus Benefits and Features

Our XP Deus metal detector review contains all the features and benefits you get from this metal detector. They include:

Selectable Frequency

It is a metal detector that provides a total of 35 frequencies. There are five main ones with seven wide offsets:

The machine has been designed this way to ensure that you get enhanced data quality. You should note that this is not a real multi-frequency metal detector because it is still a Very Low-Frequency detector.

That means you can only operate a single frequency at a go, not all at once, like multi-frequency products.

Benefits of Each Frequency

What benefits would you get from the selectable frequencies?

  • 3.7kHz to 4.4kHz – It is the perfect range for large targets of non-ferrous and ferrous composition in quiet soil conditions. 
  • 7.1kHz to 8.4kHz – It is a general-purpose range that is recommended for finding coins and small size treasures in areas with low mineralization.
  • 10.5kHz to 12.4kHz – It is the ideal range for all coins (small or large) in medium-mineralized areas.
  • 15.2kHz to 17.8kHz – It is the right frequency range for finding small objects with low or high conductivity like copper, silver, fine coins, fine jewelry, lead, and gold nuggets.
  • 23.5kHz to 27.7kKz – It is the ideal range for small and low conductive targets.   
  • Compact 3-Element Design

The three-element design enables the Search Coil to act as a detector without the control box because it has a battery source and digital signal processor. The other elements are the Remote Control and the Headphones, which are come with their unique power sources.

The remote control is the receiver of the data sent by the search coil through the digital radio link. That means the search coil, the remote control, and the headphones can communicate wirelessly.

3-Element Design Benefits

The detector’s setup process is easy and gives you a versatile device to use when looking for treasure. You can opt to use all the three parts at a go or ditch the remote control and use just the headphones and search coil.

Alternatively, you can leave the headphones behind and use the built-in speaker of the remote control. That allows you to take the search coil and the remote control.

Another thing to note is you can also use wired headphones because the remote control has a 3.5-inch audio jack. It is also the control box or the user interface of the metal detector.

The control box allows you to:

  • Set and adjust the various parameters
  • View the data using a graphic interface

You can change the headphones, search coil, and remote control simultaneously using the included USB/3 Mini-B Cable.

Wireless Headphones

The WS5 is a larger version of the WS4 headphones and does the same tasks. These headphones also do the same work as the remote control but on a tinier scale.

They take over all the control functions when you leave the control box behind. You can use the headphones to conduct all services of the remote control, including setting the frequency, preset modes, and detection settings.

The headphones have a small LCD screen on the earmuff with all the buttons you need to control the search coil. You can also pair these headphones with new coils, and they show you when the remote control is connected.

Key Specifications for Headphones

  • Uses Lithium battery – battery life over 27 hours
  • Comes with a changer
  • Transport case included
  • Offers an LCD screen
  • Can control the search coil

Key Specifications for Remote Control

  • Can control the search coil
  • Uses Lithium battery – battery life over 27 hours
  • Four non-motion modes
  • Nine preset factory programs
  • Belt clip included

Key Specifications for Search Coil

  • An 11-inch x 35 round search coils
  • Coil cover included
  • Lightweight and waterproof
  • Four AA batteries – battery life over 20 hours
  • Selectable frequency


  • Multiple adjustable settings
  • Wireless headphones
  • Ten factory programs
  • Unique 3-element design
  • Selectable frequency


  • An expensive metal detector
  • Not ideal for beginners
XP Deus Metal Detector

XP Deus Metal Detector FAQs

Let us look at some XP Deus questions and answers.

Q: Who should use the XP Deus Metal Detector?

A: It is a machine for intermediate and professional detectorists. The brand also claims that the detector is ideal for starters, thanks to the factory search modes.

With that said, we can only recommend you choose this product if you are an expert because of its many features.

Q: Is XP Deus Metal Detector Effective?

A: It is one of the most effective and high-performance metal detectors you can find out there. You can maximize its performance by learning its features, making it the right unit for professionals.

The product can provide you with up to 20 hours of operation, and every component comes with its unique battery.

Q: Does the XP Deus Metal Detector has a Warranty?

A: The XP Deus metal detector comes with a 5-year warranty that covers labor and parts. You can enjoy free services when you buy it from an authorized dealer.

The warranty shows you that the model can last for years without getting damaged.

Final Verdict

You might have found XP Deus metal detector for sale all over the internet, and there is a good reason. It is among the popular metal detectors on the market today.

It is a feature-packed machine that provides up to three independently working segments. The detector also boasts selectable frequencies that make it ideal for detecting various treasures.